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Female Gypsy Names, Romani Names
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Gypsy names are usually the same as those of the people in the country of their residence. Gypsy people are properly called Roma [sing. Rom]. Their language is called Romani, or Romany. Rom derives from the Sanskrit word dom, meaning "man."

Names the Roma are known by around the world: Adcincani or Athinganos (Gr.), Ciganos (Port.), Cigány (Hung.), Çingeneler (Turk.), Cikán (Czech.), Gitani (It.), Gitanos (Sp.), Gitane (Fr.), τσιγγάνοι (Gr.), Jinganos (Lad.), Manne Sigøyner (Fin./Norw.), Sigøjner (Dan.), Ţigani (Rom.), цигани (Bulg.), Zigeuner (Dut./Ger.), and Zingari (It.).

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  1. AISHE: Probably a Romani form of Arabic Aisha, meaning "alive."

  2. DIKA: Possibly a Romani form of Hungarian Duci, meaning "of Magdala."

  3. DONKA (Донка): Feminine pet form of Bulgarian Andon, possibly meaning "invaluable." In use by the Romani.

  4. DRINA: Short form of Italian/Spanish Adriana, meaning "from Hadria." In use by the Romani.

  5. ESMERALDA: Spanish name meaning "emerald." Victor Hugo gave his gypsy heroine this name in his novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  6. FIFIKA: Possibly a Romani form of French Fifi, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 

  7. FLORICA: Romani name perhaps derived from the Romanian word Floarea, meaning "flower." 

  8. GYPSY: Old English name meaning "Bohemian, rover." 

  9. JAELLE: Perhaps a Romani form of the biblical Hebrew name Yael (English Jael), meaning "chamois," "ibex," or "mountain goat." 

  10. JOFRANKA: Romani form of Latin Francisca, meaning "French."

  11. KIZZY: Romani form of Hebrew Qetsiyah, meaning "cassia," a bark similar to cinnamon. Compare with another form of Kizzy.
  12. LALA (Лала): Bulgarian name meaning "tulip." In use by the Romani. Compare with other forms of Lala.
  13. LULUDJA: Possibly a Romani form of Albanian Luljeta, meaning "flower of life."

  14. LUMINITSA: Romani form of Romanian Luminita, meaning "little light."

  15. LYUBA (Люба): Pet form of Russian Lyubov, meaning "love." In use by the Romani.
  16. LYUBITSHKA: Romani form of Russian Lyuba, meaning "love."
  17. MALA (माला): Hindi name meaning "necklace." In use by the Romani. Compare with another form of Mala.
  18. MIRELA (Bulgarian: Мирела): Bulgarian and Romanian form of French Mireille, meaning "to admire." In use by the Romani.

  19. NADYA (Надя): Pet form of Russian Nadezhda, meaning "hope." In use by the Romani. Compare with another form of Nadya.
  20. NURI: Egyptian unisex name/word meaning "gypsy."

  21. SHOFRANKA: Variant spelling of Romani Jofranka, meaning "French."

  22. SIMZA: Possibly a Romani feminine form of Hebrew unisex Simcha, meaning "joy."

  23. STANKA (Станка): Bulgarian pet form of Slavic Stanislava, meaning "glorious government." In use by the Romani.

  24. TALAITHA: Probably a Romani form of Greek Talitha, meaning "damsel, maiden."

  25. TSHILABA: Possibly a Romani form of Arabic Taliba, meaning "seeker of knowledge."

  26. TSURA: Romani form of Slavic Zora, meaning "light of dawn." 

  27. TSURITSA: Pet form of Romani Tsura, meaning "light of dawn." 

  28. VADOMA: Possibly a Romani feminine form of Russian Vadim, a name which some etymologists believe must have its root in Slavic vadit, vedet, or wiedziec, meaning "to know," because pagan magicians were called veduny, "the knowing ones." 

  29. VIOLCA: Probably a Romani form of Latin Viola, meaning "violet color" or "violet flower."

  30. VIOLLCA: Variant spelling of Romani Violca, probably meaning "violet color" or "violet flower."

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