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Female Polish Names

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  1. ADELAJDA: Polish form of Old High German Adalhaid, meaning "noble sort."
  2. ADRIANNA: Polish feminine form of Latin Adrianus, meaning "from Hadria." 
  3. AGNIESZKA: Polish form of Greek Hagne, meaning "chaste; holy."
  4. ALICJA: Polish equivalent of English Alice, meaning "noble sort."
  5. ANASTAZJA: Feminine form of Polish Anastazy, meaning "resurrection."
  6. ANGELIKA: German and Polish form of Latin Angelicus, meaning "angelic."
  7. ANIA: Pet form of Polish Anka, meaning "favor; grace." Compare with another form of Ania.

  8. ANIELA: Polish form of Latin Angela, meaning "angel, messenger."
  9. ANKA: Polish form of Greek Hanna, meaning "favor; grace."
  10. APOLONIA: Polish form of Greek Apollonia, meaning "of Apollo."
  11. ASIA: Short form of Polish Joasia, meaning "Yahweh is gracious." Compare with another form of Asia.

  12. AUGUSTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Augustyn, meaning "venerable."
  13. BEATA: Polish name derived from Latin beatus, meaning "blessed." 
  14. BEATRYCZE: Polish form of Latin Viatrix, meaning "voyager (through life)."
  15. BENEDYKTA: Feminine form of Polish Benedykt, meaning "blessed."
  16. BERTA: Czech and Polish form of German Bertha, meaning "bright."
  17. BLANKA: Czech and Polish form of French Blanche, meaning "white."
  18. BOGUMIŁA: Feminine form of Polish Bogumił, meaning "God-favor."
  19. BOGUSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Bogusław, meaning "God-glory."
  20. BOLESŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Bolesław, meaning "large glory."
  21. BOŻENA: Feminine form of Polish Bożydar, meaning "divine gift."
  22. BRONISŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Bronisław, meaning "glorious protector."
  23. BRYGIDA: Polish form of Irish Gaelic Bríghid, meaning "exalted one."
  24. CECYLIA: Polish form of Latin Cæcilia, meaning "blind." 
  25. CELESTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Celestyn, meaning "heavenly."
  26. CELINA: Short form of Polish Marcelina, meaning "warlike."
  27. CZESŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Czesław, meaning "honor and glory."
  28. DANUTA: Polish form of Hebrew Danya, meaning "God is my judge." 
  29. DITA: Variant spelling of Polish Dyta, meaning "rich battle." Compare with another form of Dita.
  30. DOBROSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Dobrosław, meaning "good glory."
  31. DOMINIKA: Feminine form of Czech and Polish Dominik, meaning "belongs to the lord."
  32. DYTA: Short form of Polish Edyta, meaning "rich battle."
  33. EDYTA: Polish form of English Edith, meaning "rich battle."
  34. ELA: Pet form of Polish Elżbieta, meaning "God is my oath." Compare with another form of Ela.
  35. ELIGIA: Feminine form of Polish Eligiusz, meaning "to choose." 
  36. ELŻBIETA: Polish form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath."
  37. EWA: Hawaiian and Polish form of Greek Eva, meaning "life."
  38. FELICJA: Feminine form of Polish Felicjan, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
  39. FELICYTA: Polish form of Roman Latin Felicitas, meaning "fortune; good luck."
  40. FRANCISZKA: Feminine form of Polish Franciszek, meaning "French."
  41. FRYDERYKA: Feminine form of Polish Fryderyk, meaning "peaceful ruler."
  42. GABRJELA: Feminine form of Polish Gabrjel, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."
  43. GABRYJELA: Feminine form of Polish Gabryjel, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."
  44. GABRYSIA: Pet form of Polish Gabrjela, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."
  45. GENOWEFA: Polish form of Celtic Genovefa, probably meaning "race of women."
  46. GERTRUDA: Polish form of German Gertrude, meaning "spear strength."
  47. GRACJA: Polish form of Latin Gratia, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
  48. GRAŻYNA: Polish name of Lithuanian origin, meaning "beautiful."
  49. HALINA: Polish form of Russian Galina, meaning "calm, tranquil." Compare with another form of Halina.
  50. HENRIETA: Polish form of Latin Henrietta, meaning "little home-ruler."
  51. HENRYKA: Feminine form of Polish Henryk, meaning "home-ruler."
  52. HONORATA: Polish form of Latin Honoria, meaning "honor, valor."
  53. IRENA: Czech and Polish form of Greek Eirênê, meaning "peace."
  54. IRENKA: Pet form of Czech/Polish Irena, meaning "peace."
  55. IWONA: Feminine form of Polish Iwo, meaning "yew tree."
  56. IZABELLA: Hungarian and Polish form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
  57. IZOLDA: Polish form of German Ishild, meaning "ice battle."
  58. JADWIGA: Polish form of Old High German Haduwig, meaning "contending battle."
  59. JADZIA: Pet form of Polish Jadwiga, meaning "contending battle."
  60. JAGODA: Polish name meaning "berry." Compare with another form of Jagoda.
  61. JAROSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Jarosław, meaning "spring glory."
  62. JOASIA: Polish pet form of Latin Joanna, meaning "God is gracious."
  63. JOLANTA: Polish form of Greek Iolanthe, meaning "violet flower."
  64. JOLENTA: Variant spelling of Polish Jolanta, meaning "violet flower."
  65. JOWITA: Polish feminine form of Roman Latin Jove, meaning "god."
  66. JÓZEFA: Feminine form of Polish Józef, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
  67. JUDYTA: Polish form of Hebrew Yehuwdiyth, meaning "Jewess" or "praised."
  68. JULIANNA: Polish feminine form of Roman Latin Julianus, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)." Compare with another form of Julianna.
  69. JULITA: Pet form of Polish Julianna, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)."
  70. JULITTA: Variant spelling of Polish Julita, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)."
  71. JUSTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Justyn, meaning "fair, just."
  72. KAJA: Possibly a feminine form of Polish Kajetan, meaning "from Caieta (Gaeta, Italy)." Compare with other forms of Kaja.
  73. KARINA: Contracted form of Polish/Slovak Karolina, meaning "man." Compare with other forms of Karina.
  74. KAROLINA: Feminine form of Polish/Slovak Karol, meaning "man." Compare with other forms of Karolina.
  75. KASIA: Pet form of Polish Katarzyna, meaning "pure."
  76. KASSIA: Variant spelling of Polish Kasia, meaning "pure." Compare with another form of Kassia.
  77. KATARZYNA: Polish form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning "pure."
  78. KAZIA: Short form of Polish Kazimiera, meaning "commands peace."
  79. KAZIMIERA: Feminine form of Polish Kazimierz, meaning "commands peace."
  80. KINGA: Hungarian and Polish form of German Kunigunde, meaning "brave war."
  81. KLARA: Polish form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright." Compare with other forms of Klara.
  82. KLAUDIA: Feminine form of Polish Klaudiusz, meaning "lame." Compare with another form of Klaudia.
  83. KLEMENTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Klemens, meaning "gentle and merciful." 
  84. KONSTANCJA: Feminine form of Polish Konstanty, meaning "steadfast."
  85. KORNELIA: Polish form of Latin Cornelia, meaning "of a horn."
  86. KRYSIA: Pet form of Polish Krystyna, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
  87. KRYSTIANA: Feminine form of Polish Krystian, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
  88. KRYSTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Krystyn, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
  89. KSENIA: Polish form of Greek Xenia, meaning "stranger, foreigner," but sometimes rendered "hospitable (esp. to foreigners)."
  90. KUNEGUNDA: Polish form of German Kunigunde, meaning "brave war."
  91. LECHOSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Lechosław, meaning "Lech's glory."
  92. LEOKADIA: Polish form of Spanish Leocadia, meaning "bright, clear, light."
  93. LESŁAWA: Contracted form of Polish Lechosława, meaning "Lech's glory."
  94. LIDIA: Polish form of Greek Lydia, meaning "of Lydia."
  95. LONGINA: Feminine form of Polish Longin, meaning "long."
  96. ŁUCJA: Feminine form of Polish Łucjusz, meaning "light."
  97. ŁUCYNA: Feminine form of Polish Łucjan, meaning "light."
  98. LUDMIŁA: Feminine form of Polish Ludmił, meaning "people's favor."
  99. LUDMITA: Variant form of Polish Ludmiła, meaning "people's favor."
  100. LUDWIKA: Feminine form of Polish Ludwik, meaning "famous warrior."
  101. LUIZA: Polish form of Roman Latin Louisa, meaning "famous warrior."
  102. MAŁGORZATA: Polish form of Greek Margarites, meaning "pearl."
  103. MALINA: Polish name meaning "raspberry." Compare with other forms of Malina.
  104. MALWINA: Polish form of Scottish Malvina, meaning "smooth-brow."
  105. MARCELINA: Feminine form of Polish Marceli, meaning "defense" or "of the sea." Compare with another form of Marcelina.
  106. MARTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Martyn, meaning "of/like Mars."
  107. MARYLA: Polish pet form of Greek Maria, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion."
  108. MARZENA: Polish name meaning "dreamed one." 
  109. MATYLDA: Czech and Polish form of Latin Mathilda, meaning "mighty in battle."
  110. MICHALINA: Feminine form of Polish Michał, meaning "who is like God?"
  111. MIECZYSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Mieczysław, meaning "man of glory" or "sword of glory."
  112. MIROSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Mirosław, meaning "peace-glory."
  113. NADZIEJA: Polish form of Russian Nadezhda, meaning "hope."
  114. NASTUSIA: Polish form of Russian Nastya, meaning "resurrection."
  115. NATASZA: Polish form of Russian Natasha, meaning "birthday," or in Church Latin "Christmas day."
  116. OLIWIA: Polish form of English Olivia, probably meaning "elf army." 
  117. PATRYCJA: Feminine form of Polish Patryk, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
  118. RADOMIŁA: Feminine form of Polish Radomił, meaning "happy favor."
  119. RADOSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Radosław, meaning "happy glory."
  120. ROKSANA (Russian: Роксана): Polish and Russian form of Latin Roxana, meaning "dawn."
  121. ROŚCISŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Rościsław, meaning "usurp-glory."
  122. RÓŻA: Polish form of Russian Roza, meaning "rose."
  123. RUTA: Polish form of Greek Rhouth, meaning "a female friend." Compare with another form of Ruta.
  124. SALOMEA: Polish form of Greek Salōmē, meaning "peaceful."
  125. SARA: Anglicized form of Greek Sarra, meaning "noble lady, princess." In the bible, this is the name that God gave to Sarai, wife of Abraham. This form of the name is in wide use throughout Europe: Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Scandinavian, and Slovene.
  126. SERAFINA: Feminine form of Polish Serafin, meaning "burning one" or "serpent." Compare with other forms of Serafina.
  127. SEWERYNA: Feminine form of Polish Seweryn, meaning "stern."
  128. SŁAWOMIRA: Feminine form of Polish Sławomir, meaning "glorious peace."
  129. SOBIESŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Sobiesław, meaning "usurper of glory."
  130. STANISŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Stanisław, meaning "glorious government."
  131. STEFANIA: Feminine form of Polish Stefan, meaning "crown." Compare with other forms of Stefania.
  132. STEFCIA: Pet form of Polish Stefania, meaning "crown."
  133. SYLWIA: Polish form of Roman Latin Silvia, meaning "from the forest."
  134. TEKLA: Polish and Scandinavian form of Greek Thekla, meaning "glory of God."
  135. TEODOZJA: Polish form Greek Theodosia, meaning "god-giving."
  136. URSZULA: Polish form of Latin Ursula, meaning "little she-bear."
  137. WACŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Wacław, meaning "more glory."
  138. WALENTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Walenty, meaning "healthy, strong." 
  139. WALERIA: Polish form of Roman Latin Valeria, meaning "to be healthy, to be strong."
  140. WERA: Polish form of Russian Vera, meaning "faith; truth." 
  141. WERONIKA: Polish form of Latin Veronica, meaning "bringer of victory."
  142. WIESŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Wiesław, meaning "great glory."
  143. WIGA: Short form of Polish Jadwiga, meaning "contending battle."
  144. WIKTORIA: Feminine form of Polish Wiktor, meaning "conqueror."
  145. WIOLA: Pet form of Polish Wioletta, meaning "violet color" or "violet flower."
  146. WIOLETTA: Polish form of Latin Viola, meaning "violet color" or "violet flower."
  147. WISIA: Pet form of Polish Jadwiga, meaning "contending battle."
  148. WISŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Wisław, meaning "great glory." 
  149. WŁADYSŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Władysław, meaning "rules with glory."
  150. WOJCIECHA: Feminine form of Polish Wojciech, meaning "consolation-soldier."
  151. YETTA: Polish-Jewish pet form of Polish Henrieta, meaning "little home-ruler."
  152. ZDZISŁAWA: Feminine form of Polish Zdzisław, meaning "here is glory." 
  153. ZŁOTA: Polish name meaning "golden." In mythology, Złota Baba ("golden woman") is the name of a goddess of oracles who grants visions in gold." 
  154. ZOFIA: Polish form of Greek Sophia, meaning "wisdom." Compare with another form of Zofia.
  155. ZOJA: Czech and Polish form of Greek Zoe, meaning "life."
  156. ZOSIA: Pet form of Polish Zofia, meaning "wisdom."
  157. ZUZANNA: Latvian and Polish form of Greek Sous�nna, meaning "lily."

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