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Male Jewel Names, Gem Names
Jewelry names. Names that mean bracelet, chain, gem, jewel,
necklace, precious stone, ring, agate, amber, beryl, coral, crystal, diamond,
emerald, jade, jasper, lapis, opal, pearl, ruby, sapphire, turquoise.
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  1. DAR (בַּר): Hebrew name meaning both "mother-of-pearl" and "marble."
  2. GARNETT: Masculine variant spelling of English unisex Garnet, meaning "garnet (the gem)."
  3. GINTARAS: Lithuanian name meaning "amber."
  4. JASPER: English form of Spanish Gaspar, meaning "treasure bearer." Early Christians assigned names to the three Magi ("wise men from the east") who visited the baby Jesus. They are mentioned but not named in the bible; Jasper is one of them, the other two are Balthasar and Melchior. Jasper is also the name of an opaque cryptocrystalline variety of quartz that may be red, yellow or brown in color. Also spelled Casper and Kasper.
  5. JETT: English name meaning "jet (the mineral)," from Latin gagates, meaning "lapis; stone from Gagai," a town in Lycia, Asia Minor. 
  6. KEI (1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-): Japanese name meaning 1) "blessed, lucky," 2) "excellent," 3) "respect," 4) "square jewel," or 5) "wise."

  7. KEIICHI (圭一): Japanese name meaning "square jewel first (son)."

  8. KORALO: Esperanto name meaning "coral."

  9. MANI (मणि): Hindi name meaning "jewel." Compare with another form of Mani.
  10. RATAN (रतन): Hindi name derived from the Sanskrit word ratna, meaning "jewel."

  11. RATNAM (रत्नम): Variant spelling of Hindi Ratan, meaning "jewel."

  12. RAVID (רָבִיד): Hebrew name meaning "jewelry, ornament."

  13. XIPILLI: Nahuatl name meaning "jeweled prince."

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