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Origin of the name ATARGATIS.
Etymology of the name ATARGATIS.
Meaning of the baby name ATARGATIS.


ATARGATIS.  A Syrian goddess, also called Derketo.  Herodotus identifies her with Aphrodite Urania.  She presided over love and generation, and was regarded as the begetter of the universe, and also as a feminine form of the deity Hadad.  Her chief temples were at Hierapolis (Mabig) and Askalon.  She was born of an egg that had descended from heaven into the Euphrates, though the Syrian version of the legend was that she had been a woman who had thrown herself into a lake, and there been transformed into a goddess after giving birth to Semiramis.  She was represented with the head and body of a woman, and the tail of a fish, and her worshippers consequently abstained from eating fish.  Atargatis was chiefly worshipped at Askalon. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

... In one of the Apocrypha of the Old Testament (II. Maccabees 12, 26) we read that when Judas Maccabaeus defeated the Ammonites and Arabians, they took refuge in the Temple of Atargatis.  Her worship is associated with that of sacred waters.  At Ascalon there was a pool near her temple in which were sacred fish.  One legend relates that she and her son plunged into the water and were changed into fish.  Another represents that she "was born of an egg which the sacred fishes found in the Euphrates and pushed ashore."  Compare further 'Atheh. (An Encyclopedia of Religions, Canney, 1921)


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