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Origin of the name AVALON.
Etymology of the name AVALON.
Meaning of the baby name AVALON.


AVALON.  In Arthurian legend, this is the isle of apples, where the body of King Arthur is said to be buried, having been brought there by his half-sister Morgan le Fay, and where he is supposed to one day return.  The word Avalon means "apple island," from aval "apple" and yn "island."  Tennyson spelled it "Avilion." (Public Opinion, v.39, 1905)

    Legends respecting the Apple are very numerous.  As there existed in far western seas the garden of the Hesperides or the Fortunate Isles, so we find in the traditions of our own land similar stories about Avalon.  Now Avalon is the Isle of Apples.  In the Hesperides Golden Apples grew, protected by nymphs.  "Of all fruits, the Apple seems to have had the widest and most mystical history.  The myths concerning it meet us in every age and country.  Aphrodite bears it in her hand, as well as Eve.  The serpent guards it; the dragon watches it.  It is celebrated by Solomon; it is the healing fruit of Arabian tales.  Ulysses longs for it in the gardens of Alcinous; Tantalus grasps vainly for it in Hades.  In the Prose Edda it is written, "Iduna keeps in a box, Apples, which the gods, when they feel old-age approaching, have only to taste to become young again.  It is in this manner that they will be kept in renovated youth until Ragnarok"—the general destruction.  Azrael, the Angel of death, accomplished his mission by holding it to his nostril; and in folk-lore, Snowdrop is tempted to her death by an Apple, half of which a crone has poisoned, but recovers life when the fruit falls from her lips.  The Golden Bird seeks the Golden Apples of the King's Garden in many a Norse story; and when the tree bears no more, Frau Bertha reveals to her favourite that it is because a mouse gnaws at the tree's root.  Indeed, the kind mother-goddess is sometimes personified as an Apple-tree.  But oftener the Apple is the tempter in Northern mythology also, and sometimes makes the nose grow so that the pear alone can bring it again to moderate size."  The Isle of the Blessed, of which we read in Keltic traditions, is the beautiful Avalon or Isle of Apples—"Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow, / Nor ever wind blows loudly; but—lies / Deep-meadow'd, happy, fair with orchard lawns / And bowerly hollows crown'd with summer sea." (Flowers and Flower Lore, Friend, v.1, 1884)


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