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Origin of the name ABARIS.
Etymology of the name ABARIS.
Meaning of the baby name ABARIS.


ABARIS (Ἄβαρις).  Greek.  Of uncertain derivation, possibly meaning "father of knowledge."  

    Abaris, a man killed by Perseus.  Ovid. Met. 5, v. 86.A Rutulian killed by Euryalus. Virg. Æn. 9, v. 344.A Scythian, son of Seuthes, in the age of Crœsus, or the Trojan war, who received a flying arrow from Apollo with which he gave oracles, and transported himself wherever he pleased.  He is said to have returned to the Hyperborean countries from Athens without eating, and to have made the Trojan Palladium with the bones of Pelops.  Some suppose that he wrote treatises in Greek; and it is reported, that there is a Greek manuscript of his epistles to Phalaris, in the library of Augsburg.  But there were probably two persons of that name. Herodot. 4, c. 36.Strab. 7.Paus. 3, c. 13. (A Classical Dictionary, Lempriere, 1812)

    ABARIS.  The name of a legendary Scythian (Hyperborean), a son of Seuthes and priest of Apollo.  Iamblichus states that Abaris was a disciple of Pythagoras, and performed many miracles with an arrow received from Apollo.  Herodotus tells us that he was carried on this arrow over the whole earth without tasting food.  The oldest accounts say he traversed all Greece, holding an arrow as the symbol of Apollo.  Pindar, as cited by Harpocration, states that Abaris came to Greece while Crœsus was king of Lydia.  He made himself known throughout the country as a performer of wonders; delivered oracular responses; healed maladies by charms or exorcisms; drove away storms, pestilence, and evils.  Brucker regards him as one who, like Empedocles, Epimenides, Pyrthagoras, and others, went about imposing on the vulgar by false pretensions to supernatural powers; and Lobeck is of the same opinion. (A Classical Dictionary, Anthon, 1891)


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