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Origin of the name ACRAGANES.
Etymology of the name ACRAGANES.
Meaning of the baby name ACRAGANES.


ACRAGANES.  An Assyrian royal name (quoted by Syncellus from Ctesias; Eusebius writes it Ocrazapes).  It is supposed by some writers to have been another form of the name of Assurbanipal, from a corruption of Assurbani, meaning "the god Assur has begotten a son." (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876)

... I have always maintained that Nabopalassar king of Babylon was also that king of Nineveh known to the Greeks by the title Sardanapalus, as indeed Polyhistor distinctly attests, when he relates that Sardanapalus having reigned twenty-one years married his son Nabuchodrosser to the daughter of Astyages; and if we look to the list of Assyrian kings as given by Eusebius from Castor and Abydenus, we shall find it difficult to come to any other conclusion.  For we there find the names of the three last kings of the Assyrian dynasty thus written:

Acraganes, who reigned... 42 years.
Thonos Concoleros, or Sardanapalus... 20 years.
Ninus II (or Saracus)... 19 years.

    Thus the immediate predecessor of Sardanapalus, called Acraganes, reigned forty-two years at Nineveh.  Now, to assume that Acraganes reigned after Assurbanipal, who certainly was still on the throne about B.C. 640, would be to bring down the fall of Nineveh, in the time of Saracus, some eighty years below that date, that is to say, to about B.C. 560, which is quite out of the question; and as he cannot be identified with Esarhaddon, we can only conclude that Assurbanipal and Acraganes are one and the same king.  Indeed Acraganes appears to be merely a corruption from Assurbani, to which form the name of Assurbanipal was sometimes contracted.  While this king, therefore, as eldest son of Esarhaddon, occupied the throne of Nineveh for forty-two years, till the time of Sardanapalus, his brother and himself occupied the throne of Babylon in succession for forty-two years, till the reign of Nabopalassar, who was called Sardanapalus.  He reigned, therefore, from B.C. 668 to 626: the reign of his son Assur-ebil-ili being included probably in this last year, he having been associated with his father before his death. (History of Assurbanipal, Smith, 1900)


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