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Origin of the name ADAM.
Etymology of the name ADAM.
Meaning of the baby name ADAM.


ADAM.  Biblical.  [Greek Ἀδάμ; Hebrew Adham; from Adham = "to be red."  Assyrian Adama, originally = the Accadian Adamatu, i.e. red skins, the aborigines of Northern Babylonia; then, at a later period, their fair-coloured Semitic conquerors (Sayce)].  Usage: America, Australia, England, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden.

    (1) The first man, or if there were prior races, then the first whose creation is recorded in Scripture.  The etymology "red" implies either that primitive man was red or rosy, or that the "dust" from which he was made was of a reddish hue.  The Egyptians also believed that the original man who gave birth to the dwellers on the Nile Valley was formed of clay.  Adam was made in the image of God (Gen. i. 26, 27).  St. Paul describes the similarity as consisting "in knowledge," or, more completely, "in knowledge," "righteousness and true holiness" (cf. Ephes. iv. 22-25; Col. iii. 9, 10).  Adam with his descendants was invested with dominion over the inferior animals (Gen. i. 26-28).  Either on the sixth day (27) or subsequently, "an help meet for him" was provided by the formation of Eve (ii. 20-23) [Eve].  Every plant of which they could make use was given to them for food (i. 29, 30).  They were exhorted to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it (28), and, constituting part of the creation, shared in the approval when God pronounced the verdict that everything which He had made was very good (31).  Adam was placed on his creation with Eve in the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it in order.  [Eden.]  On his fall a curse was pronounced on him, and he was expelled from the garden (iii. 1-24).  Afterwards he had children—first, Cain; then, Abel; then, when he was 130 years old, Seth.  He lived 800 years more, at last dying at the age of 930, or, according to the Hebrew chronology, about 3074 B.C.  St. Paul draws a double parallel between Adam and Christ, calling our Lord the last Adam (Rom. v. 12-21; 1 Cor. xv. 22, 45).
    (2) [Hebrew Adham = "red"; here = "red earth"].  A city beside Zarethan (Josh. iii. 16). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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