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Origin of the name ÆMILIUS.
Etymology of the name ÆMILIUS.
Meaning of the baby name ÆMILIUS.


ÆMILIUS.  Latin name, probably derived from Teutonic amal, meaning "work."

    Almost inextricable confusion attends the development of the title of one of the oldest and most respectable of the plebeian gentes, namely the Æmilian, anciently written Aimilian.  The family was Sabine, and the word is, therefore, probably Oscan; but the bearers were by no means agreed upon its origin, some declaring that it was αἵμυλος (flattering or witty), and called it a surname of their founder, Mamercus, whom some called the son of Pythagoras, others of Numa.  The later Æmilii, again, claimed to descend from Aemylos, a son of Ascanius; and others of them, less aspiring, contented themselves with Amulius, the granduncle of Romulus.  Can this most intangible Amulius be, after all, a remnant of the Teutonic element in the Roman race, and be the same with the mythical Amal, whence the Gothic Amaler traced their descent?  It is curious that maal or âmal means work in Hebrew, while aml is work, likewise, in old Norse, as our moil is in English, though in Sanscrit amala is spotless.  Altogether, it seems most probable that the word mal (a spot or stroke) may underlie all these forms, just as it does the German mal (time); that Amal was, in truth, the dimly remembered forefather; and that thus the proud Æmilii of Rome, and the wild Amaler of the forests, bore in their designations the tokens of a common stock.
    Several obscure saints bore the name of Æmilius or Æmilianus;... (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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