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Origin of the name ALARIC.
Etymology of the name ALARIC.
Meaning of the baby name ALARIC.


ALARIC.  Gothic name meaning "all powerful."  See Aelric. (The American Catholic Quarterly Review, Corcoran, v.12, 1887). 

ALARIC.  English and French.  The same as German Alarich (q.v.), and Anglo-Saxon Æthelric (q.v.), meaning "noble ruler." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Usage: England, France.

... Stilicho was a very active, spirited man, who found troops to check the enemies of Rome on all sides of the Western Empire.  Rufinus was not so faithful, and did great harm in the East by quarrelling with Arcadius' other ministers, and then, as all believed, inviting the Goths to come out of their settlements on the Danube and invade Greece, under Alaric, the same Gothic chief who had been a friend and companion of Gratian, and had fought under Theodosius... (Young Folks' History of Rome, Yonge, 1878).

Alaric = Ala-Reiks.  As to the termination Reiks there is no difficulty.  Allied apparently to Latin rex it is the regular equivalent of prince or ruler in Ulfila's translation of the Bible, e.g. John xii. 31, "Nu sa reiks this fairwaus usvairpada ut""Now is the prince of this world cast out."   Matt. ix. 18, "Reiks ains qimands ïnvait ïna qithands thatei dauhtar meina nu gasvalt""A certain ruler coming worshipped him saying that my daughter is now dead."  Eph. ii. 2, "Bi reik valdufnjis luftaus""according to the prince of the power of the air."  Romans xiii. 3, "Thai auk reiks ni sind agis godamma vaurstva ak ubilamma""For rulers are not a terror to good work but to evil."  The Gothic equivalent of King is Thindans. (Italy and Her Invaders, Hodgkin, v.1, 1880).



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