Origin of the name ALEXANDER.
Etymology of the name ALEXANDER.
Meaning of the baby name ALEXANDER.


ALEXANDER.  Biblical.  [Greek Alexandros = "defending men," alexo = "to ward," or "keep off," "to defend," and aner, genitive andros = "a man"].  Usage:  America, Czech Republic, England, France, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Israel (אֲלֶכְּסַנְדֶר), Russia (Алекса́ндр), Scotland, Sweden.  The name also appears in Arthurian legend, as the name of a nephew of king Mark.
    Alexander Pope (d. 1744), was an English poet.  Alexander Pushkin (d. 1837), was a Russian writer.  Alexander Fleming (d. 1955), was the Scottish discoverer of penicillin. (Wiki)

    Various persons mentioned in the New Testament, all apparently named, directly or indirectly, after Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia.
     (1) The elder son of that Simon of Cyrene who was compelled to bear the Cross of Christ (Mark xv. 21).
     (2) A leading man at Jerusalem when Peter and John were brought to trial there (Acts iv. 6).
     (3) A Jew who, with Paul, was involved in danger during the tumult at Ephesus, the people putting him forward (Acts xix. 33).
     (4) One who made shipwreck of his faith, blasphemed, and was excommunicated by St. Paul (1 Tim. i. 19, 20).  He probably was the same as Alexander the coppersmith, who did the apostle and his associates much injury (2 Tim. iv. 14, 15). (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)

... there was in the court of Sir Tristram a very young, gallant knight hight Sir Alexander.  This knight came to where King Mark stood looking down upon his handiwork as though entranced with what he had done.  Then Sir Alexander said to King Mark, "Is this thy work?"  And King Mark raised his eyes very heavily and looked at Sir Alexander and he answered, "Ay!"  Then Sir Alexander cried out, "Thou hast lived too long!"  And therewith drawing his misericordia, he catched King Mark by the left wrist and lifted his arm.  And Sir Alexander drave the dagger into the side of King Mark, and King Mark groaned and sank down upon the ground, and in a little while died where he lay... (The Story of the Champions of the Round Table, Pyle, 1915)


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