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Origin of the name AMEMPSIN.
Etymology of the name AMEMPSIN.
Meaning of the baby name AMEMPSIN.


AMEMPSIN.  According to Berosus, the eighth antediluvian king of Babylon. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).  Possibly the Chaldaean form of Methuselah (see below).

... A very recent writer (Smith, "Chaldaean Account of Genesis," p. 290) has ingeniously restored ten of the names preceding that of Menes in the Turin Papyrus, and curiously compared them with the biblical antediluvians and the early Babylonian kings, as reported by Berosus:

Egyptian Hebrew Chaldaean
Ptha Adam Alorus
Ra Seth Alaparos
Su Enos Almelon
Seb Cainan Ammenon
Hosiri Mahalaleel Amegalarus
Set Jared Daonus
Hor Enoch Ædorachus
Tut Methuselah Amempsin
Ma Lamech Otiartes
Hor Noah Xisuthrus

The coincidence is singular, and occasionally there is a slight resemblance in the names and history of each; but otherwise there is little trace of any connection.
    The question has been fairly raised, If these lists of gods at the head of Egyptian annals are fabulous, or mythological, what reason have we to attach a superior degree of credibility to the human reigns that follow?  They certainly do impair our faith in the whole catalogue; but we may, perhaps, safely conceded to the advocates of Egyptian chronology that a distinction ought to be made between the dim traditions of the early period, professedly set forth as such, especially if they are but the exaggerated reminiscences of the antediluvian world, like the heroic age of most other ancient nations, and the express and orderly chronicles of a definite monarchy.  It is highly edifying, nevertheless, to the lover of the bible to perceive that the sacred Scriptures appear to furnish the true original of these pagan travesties.  One important fact, at least, is tolerably evident from this investigation, namely, that the settled Egyptian history began very shortly after the flood; for that great event is the only natural boundary conceivable between the reigns of the gods and those of men. (The Methodist Quarterly Review, 4th series, v.30, 1878).


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