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Origin of the name AMENHOTEP.
Etymology of the name AMENHOTEP.
Meaning of the baby name AMENHOTEP.


AMENHOTEP.  Egyptian name meaning "peace of Amen."

    Amenhotep I., a king of the XVIIIth dynasty.  He first reigned under the regency of his mother, Nofretari; afterwards he subdued the Shashu, who are supposed to have been the Bedouin Arabs, and also some of the petty kings of Palestine.  He reigned thirteen years, and was succeeded by his son, Thothmes I.  He was the Amenophis of the Greek historians.
    Amenhotep II., the successor of Thothmes III.  His reign being disturbed by a revolt of the people of Mesopotamia, he invaded that country, and besieged the city of Nineveh.  In the town of Takhisa, the site of which is unknown, he killed seven kings with his own mace, cut off their heads, and tied their bodies upon his war-galley, finally hanging them upon the walls of Thebes.  He also re-subdued the Shashuous and the Phenicians.  He reigned not less than seven years, and was succeeded by Thothmes IV.
    Amenhotep III., the successor of Thothmes IV.  He was a great warrior, invading and subduing in succession Ethiopia, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and the Soudan, which latter country he attacked solely for the purpose of obtaining Negro slaves, of whom in one combat he killed and captured 1052.  Being also a great hunter, chiefly of lions, in one of those expeditions he became acquainted with a tribe of Japhetic borderers, the daughter of the chief of whom, a lady named Taia, he afterwards married.  Amenhotep III. was further a great builder and restorer of the ancient temples, and following the example of an earlier Egyptian sovereign, Amenemha, of the XIIth dynasty, he constructed in his eleventh year a great reservoir, 3000 cubits long and 600 broad.  Towards the close of his reign he associated his son, Amenhotep IV., with him in the empire, and he cannot have held the throne of Egypt for a less period than thirty-six years.  A stupendous temple was erected by him in the desert, with two colossal figures before it; one of these, the larger of the two statues, afterwards became the vocal Memnon of Greek history.  See Shamy, and Memnon
    Amenhotep IV., the son of Amenhotep III., with whom, for a few years, he reigned jointly under the governance of Queen Taia, his mother.  He was apparently of weak intellect, although he is said to have maintained the empire of his father.  The sole worship of Aten Ra, the Solar Disk, was forcibly introduced by him, accompanied with a more than usually slavish adoration of himself.  He changed his own name into that of Khuenaten, "Glory of the Solar Disk," and, in concert with his mother, disgraced all the officers and priests of the established religion, and founded a new capital at Alabastron, now Tel el Amarna, in Upper Egypt.  According to one historian, Lenormant, he had seven daughters, who fought in their chariots beside their father in the predatory wars which were then common.  His weakness of character and violence of temper combined, brought on a revolution, which led to the dethronement, and probably death, both of his mother and himself, after a reign of certainly more than six years.  His wife was named Nefertitai.  The death of Amenhotep was followed by a period of considerable disorder, and under his successor, Horus, the original worship of the Egyptian gods was revived, and that of Aten Ra degraded to its former subordinate position, the temple at Tel el Amarna pulled down to construct that of Amen Ra at Karnak, and the capital city itself removed, and its site destroyed.  See Taia and Aten Ra.
    Amenhotep, a son of Thothmes IV. of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, a prince of the blood royal, in the reign of Amenhotep II.
    Amenhotep, a subordinate Egyptian governor or prince, in the reign of Amenhotep II. of the XVIIIth dynasty. 
    Amenhotep, a prince of Kush, in the reign of Amenhotep III. of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, a prince of Kush, in the reign of Tutankhamen, of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, an Egyptian officer of the XVIIIth dynasty.  He was a royal scribe, favourite of the king, and custodian of the granaries of the North and South.
    Amenhotep, an Egyptian lady, the wife of Unsu the steward or treasurer of Amenhotep III.  This is an instance of a male name being applied to a woman.
    Amenhotep, a royal scribe, and "favourite of the knig" of one of the monarchs, probably an Amenhotep, of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, a royal scribe, the overseer of the (royal) house, and chief of the city of Memphis.  Period uncertain, probably of the XVIIIth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, an Egyptian officer of the XVIIIth dynasty.  He was surnamed Hui.  His father's name was Amenmes, and that of his mother Nubnofre.
    Amenhotep, a son of Rameses II. of the XIXth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, a high priest of Amen Ra, in the reign of Rameses IX. of the XXth dynasty.
    Amenhotep, an Egyptian priest, who was overseer of the temple of Pthah, and overseer of the prophets of the temple of Pasht, or Sekhet, at Memphis.  His mother's name was Toutouka.  The period when he lived is uncertain.
    Amenhotep, an Egyptian architect.  He was son of the architect Senna.  The time when he lived is uncertain.
    Amenhotep, the chief of the land surveyors of Amen Ra.  The period when he lived is uncertain.
    Amenhotep, a priest and prophet of the gods Amen and Month, in the XVIIIth dynasty.  His double sarcophagus is in the Leyden Museum.
    Amenhotep, a priest, who was called "a singer at the gate of Amen."  Period uncertain, probably of the XVIIIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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