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Origin of the name AMLÓDI.
Etymology of the name AMLÓDI.
Meaning of the baby name AMLÓDI.


AMLÓDI.  Icelandic myth name, meaning "dull," "foolish," "imbecile," "weak person."  Also see Hamlet.

1. The allusion to Amlódi.  The verse put, in the Prose Edda, into the mouth of the tenth century poet-adventurer, Snæbiorn, runs (C. P. B. ii. 55):  "Men say that the nine maidens of the island-mill (the ocean) are working hard at the host-devouring skerry-quern (the sea), out beyond the skirts of the earth; yea, they have for ages past been grinding at Amlódi's meal-bin (the sea)."  This is the only extant allusion to Amlódi by name earlier than Saxo.  The inference from it is, that a myth was current in Iceland, 200 years before Saxo, concerning a man or giant, Amlódi, whose quern the sea was called; perhaps an inhabitant of its depths...
... Amleth, Amlódi.  Like Brutus, it means dull or foolish.  Vigfússon (Icel. Dict. s.v.) conjecturally connects it with an Anglo-Saxon word homola, which occurs once in the laws of Alfred, and which he translates "fool;"  But Bosworth and Toller give up the meaning of homola.  Vigfússon gives as a secondary modern meaning, "an imbecile, weak person, one of weak bodily frame, unable to do work, not up to the mark. "You are a great
Amlódi, that is, a weak fellow, poor fool."  Compounds carry out his idea, amlóda-skaþr, for instance, meaning "imbecility." (The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus, Elton-Powell, 1906)


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