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AMON.  Egyptian name meaning "hidden." (The Lords of the Ghostland, Saltus, 1922).

... In a document which was drawn up at Eshmunen, it is set forth how Amon made himself a position everywhere, in order that his names might be many.  His original position had been on the heights of Eshmunen, where he landed from the Desdes water, when he emerged out of the flood in a secret egg.  The goddess of heaven stood behind him as Amaunet, and he seated himself on this cow and grasped her horns, and swam across the flood and landed wherever he pleased; and wherever he landed there he became the god of the locality.  In Ehnas, where he first landed, he became the local god Haraphes; in Mendes he is the ram which is worshipped there; in Sais he is the son of Neith, i.e. Sobk; he is the ram of Heliopolis; he is Nun, the primeval waters; he is the god Ptah Tenen of Memphis; he is Ptah, who is worshipped at Thebes; he is Min of Koptos; he is Mont of Thebes.  The Nile, most ancient of the gods, is another form of him, and his is heaven, earth, the under-world, water, and air... (A Handbook of Egyptian Religion, Erman-Griffith, 1907)


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