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Origin of the name ANDREW.
Etymology of the name ANDREW.
Meaning of the baby name ANDREW.


ANDREW.  Biblical.  [Greek Andreas, from andreia = "manliness" (?)].  Often rendered "man, warrior."  Usage: America, England, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland. 

    The brother of Simon Peter.  He was born at Bethsaida, meaning "Fishertown," on the Lake of Galilee (John i. 44), and was himself a fisherman (Matt. iv. 18; Mark i. 16-18).  He was at first a disciple of John the Baptist, but being directed by John to Jesus as the Lamb of God, he went over to the Lord, soon afterwards inducing his brother Simon to follow his example (John i. 35-42).  Both were appointed apostles (Matt. iv. 18-20; x. 2; Mark iii. 18; Luke vi. 14; Acts i. 13).  They had a house at Capernaum (Mark i. 21, 29).  He was associated with the three favoured apostles, Peter, James, and John, in the inquiry regarding the destruction of the city and temple and the second advent of Christ (xiii. 3, 4).  Traditionary accounts are given of his subsequent life, nothing trustworthy being really known on the subject.  There is a trifle more agreement as to his death, which is said to have been by crucifixion in Achaia on a cross shaped like the letter X.  This is now called St. Andrew's Cross.  A ship bearing two relics of him is reported by tradition to have been wrecked in St. Andrew's Bay, in Scotland—the mariners who managed to reach the shore afterwards introducing the Gospel into that then heathen region.  "St. Andrew," therefore, became the patron saint of Scotland, and gave name to St. Andrew's town.  His festival is kept by the Greek and Roman churches on the 30th November.  In the Church of England it has become customary to preach on that day on the subject of missions.  The Acts of St. Andrew, an alleged gospel from his pen, are spurious. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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