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Origin of the name ANTEF.
Etymology of the name ANTEF.
Meaning of the baby name ANTEF.


ANTEF.  An-Tef, (an "star") + (Tef "divine father"). (The Natural Genesis, Massey, 1883).

Antef I., an Egyptian king of the XIth dynasty, of whom nothing is as yet known.  This monarch and his successors are thought by some Egyptologists to have been merely petty kings reigning in the Thebaid, contemporaneously with the monarchs of the XIIth, XIIIth and XIVth dynasties.  These kings are also often called Entef and Enentef.  Antef II., or Antefaa, "Antef the Great," the brother of king Antef I., a monarch of the XIth dynasty.  He was a great hunter, and his tomb in the Asasseef is remarkable for its containing representations of four distinct species of Egyptian hounds which were used in the chase; but there are no records of his reign and acts.  Antef III., surnamed Harmiha; praenomen, Rakherpapuherma, the fifth king of the XIth Egyptian dynasty.  In this dynasty all the kings bore the names of Antef and Mentuhotep alternately.  Little is known respecting him, except that he was the brother of Antef II.  Antef IV., praenomen, Ranubkheper, an Egyptian monarch of the XIth dynasty, the successor of Mentuhotep II.  His place is uncertain, and he is only mentioned in the Abbot papyrus.  Antef, a great Egyptian officer in the XIIth dynasty.  He was first lieutenant of the king, and governor of the city of Tanis and the district of Abydos.  He executed some important government works, and is stated to have been famous for his clemency and impartiality.  He also took charge of the armies of Egypt, and invaded and subjugated a country whose name is lost, but which was probably on the coast of Syria.  His monumental inscription records his virtues and their rewards in a style of considerable eulogy, and he appears to have held his various offices for a long time.  He had a brother named Ahmes, and a son Teti.  Antef, the son of an Egyptian named Antefaker and his wife Hotept.  He probably lived in the XIIth dynasty.  Antef, an high Egyptian officer and Sam, the son of Setmena, in the reign of Osirtesen I. of the XIIth dynasty.  He had two wives, named respectively Sethathor and Merit, and several sons named Usertesen, Nebkau, and Sebektu, and also a daughter Setamen.  Antef was called on his funereal inscription, "He who seeks the poor in their distresses."  Antef, a son of Merri, the Egyptian superintendent of canal and public works in the reign of Osirtesen I. of the XIIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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