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Origin of the name ANUBIS.
Etymology of the name ANUBIS.
Meaning of the baby name ANUBIS.


ANUBIS.  Greek form of Egyptian Anepou.  In Egyptian mythology, the chief of the gods of the dead.  He was called "The Son of the Cow" or of the goddess Nephthys, and he was generally represented as a jackal-headed man, or as a jackal resting upon the top of an open tomb, having a collar or ribbon round his neck, with a sceptre between his paws, and with the flabellum of the god Khem behind him.  In this latter form he most frequently occurs on the funereal pectorals of the XIXth dynasty.  He was, as the peculiar deity of the dead, the guardian of the mummied body, and the president of the embalmers; and as his office, like that of Horus, led him to drive away evil spirits from the deceased, he was also called like him, "The Conqueror of the Enemies of his Father Osiris."  Anubis was also in some degree analogous to the Hermes Psychopompos of the Greek, inasmuch as he was the guardian of the way of life, and, together with Horus, escorted the souls to Hades.  In the earlier papyri, and in the Ritual of the Dead, Anubis assumed several important characters; but his cultus gradually declined before the increase of that of Horus and Amen Ra, till after the XXVIth dynasty, when he appears to have been again regarded as a form of Horus, both as the avenger of Osiris and the justifier or redeemer of the dead.  His name is more properly written according to the hieroglyphic system, Anpu or Anepou.  The jackal was his sacred animal. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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