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Origin of the name APA.
Etymology of the name APA.
Meaning of the baby name APA.


APA.  Egyptian name meaning "Fly."
    Apa, the father of Ameni the priest of Osiris, in the XIIth dynasty, which see.
    Apa, surnamed Khut Hotep, a sacred scribe and priest of Pthah.  Period uncertain.
, the father of a private Egyptian of the family of Senbeb, which see.
    Apa, an Egyptian amulet, representing the flying scarabaeus, an emblem of the Sun and of Pthah Sokari Osiris.  It was often wrought in blue porcelain and attached to the coverings of mummies.  These and also ring scarabaei are first found on the little fingers of mummies prepared at the time of the XIIIth dynasty.  At the time of the XVIIIth and subsequent dynasties they came into occasional use for mummies of important and rich persons.  This custom prevailed through the subsequent dynasty, was more common at the time of the XXVIth, and became universal in the time of the Ptolemies.  Some of the amulets exhibit high polish and finish but the Egyptians appear to have experienced considerable difficulty in engraving minute hieroglyphics on hard stone.  Various materials were employed, such as green jasper, felspar, serpentine, basalt, schist, and a dark soapstone or steatite.  The Apa are of larger size than the scarabaei used for finger-rings or other personal adornment, and are sometimes three or more inches in length.  The inscription on these amulets is one of the chapters relating to the heart, found at the end of the LXIVth chapter of the Ritual, and the formula was ascribed to different periods, as that of Heshetp, or Usaphais, a king of the 1st dynasty, and the period of Menkara, a monarch of the IVth dynasty.  It was supposed to have been written by the finger of the god Thoth himself on a brick of glazed earth, sandstone, or some other material in blue letters, and to have been found by the prince Hartataf, on a tour made by him, to examine the temples.  This inscription was considered only fit for the chaste and pure, and the scarabaeus on which it was inscribed was placed over the heart; it was dipped in some essence, and the chapter repeated over it.  The object of the charm was to preserve the heart, in which the soul was supposed to reside after death, from destruction or decay.  The scarabaeus itself also indicated the idea of self-existence, or the changes or phases or transformations, through which the soul passed in the future state.  The name of the person for whose mummy the Apa were made is generally, but not always, inscribed in the text. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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