Origin of the name ASSURDAN.
Etymology of the name ASSURDAN.
Meaning of the baby name ASSURDAN.


ASSURDAN.  Assur-dan, "Assur is Judge."  Assurdan II., a king of Assyria.  In his reign the empire began to revive from the long period of depression into which it had fallen after the death of Assur-rabu-amar.  He was succeeded by Rimmon-nirari II.  Assurdan III., the successor of Shalmaneser III.  Early in his reign he began to attack Damascus and Babylonia, making several expeditions also to Media and Syria.  Towards the close of his reign a great rebellion arose, headed by the people of the old capital Assur.  The revolt reached over six years, and was rendered remarkable by the appearance of a great eclipse, that of the 15th June, B.C. 763, which was regarded as an evil omen.  The energies of Assurdan enabled him, however, to conquer the rebellion, and a peaceful period of two years succeeded, after which he died, having reigned eighteen years.  His successor was Assur-nirari II. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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