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Origin of the name AZRAIL.
Etymology of the name AZRAIL.
Meaning of the baby name AZRAIL.


ΆZRÁ'ÍL (عزرائيل).  A variant of Arabic Azrael (q.v.), the name of the Angel of Death, meaning "help of god." (Malay Magic, Skeat, 1900).  Also spelled Izrail.

    Khaled was willing to take advice even from an enemy, especially when it fell in with his own humor; he advanced, therefore, in front, challenging Azraïl loudly by name.  The latter quickly appeared, well armed and mounted, and with undaunted bearing. (Life and Works of Washington Irving, Lauber, 1883)

... On entering he found the sultan's daughter asleep on a sofa, and approaching, he kissed her hand.  The princess at once awoke, and cried out in great fear:  "Who art thou?"  Said he: "I am 'Azrá'íl, the angel of death, and am come to take thy soul, and the souls of thy father and thy mother, and the vazirs and the generals of the army."  The princess, greatly terrified, asked the reason of this, to which he replied that it was in consequence of his love for herself, but if her father would marry her to him all their lives should be spared.  The princess promised to acquaint her father of this, and the imposter, re-entering his chair, was immediately conveyed to his own house. (John Lane's Continuation of Chaucer's "Squire's Tale", 1890)

'Azrá'íl is said to separate men's souls from their bodies; and also those of the angels and all other creatures (Súra vi. 93).  He is said to be terrible in appearance; so large that his head is high in heaven opposite the Preserved Tablet, and his feet in the deepest regions under the earth; to a believer however he appears in a pleasing shape.  The learned Sunúsi and other learned Shaikhs say that the best remedy, enabling one to meet death and its anxieties and terrors which come after it, without fear, is to perform a prayer of two rak'as after sunset on the night of Friday, and after it to read the Fátiha and the Súratu'z Zalzál (xcix) fifteen times. This Súra is said to be worth half the Qur'án (Jowh. 158).  Of neither of the three latter Archangels is the name mentioned in the Qur'án. (The Religion of Islám, Klein, 1906)


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