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Origin of the name AI.
Etymology of the name AI.
Meaning of the baby name AI.


AI.  f.  Japanese name meaning "loving."  The same as the Chinese (see below).
    Ai Fukuhara, a Japanese table tennis player. (Wiki)

AI.  Unisex.  Chinese name meaning, "loving," from () ai4 3b, "to love, to be wont." (A Mandarin-Romanized Dictionary of Chinese, MacGillivray, 1921)

102.  Cup.  Ku-t'au-pan-ho, or "giant peach-stone half."  Red brown biscuit.  Exterior molded and in biscuit state; the interior shows speckled clair de lune glazing.  The inscription on rim gives maker's name: Ai-hién-lau-jên, "old man loving leisure" (a pseudonym), and date, Kêng-tzi, second year of the Süan-ho period of Hui-T'sung (about 1120 A.D.). (Catalogue of the Macomber Collection of Chinese Pottery, Getz, 1909)

AI.  Unisex.  Egyptian name meaning "Divine Father."  Ai, an Egyptian priest, or "Divine Father" in the XVIIIth dynasty.  Ai, the wife of Mentuhotep, a state officer, and mother of Mentuhotep the general in chief of the armies of an unnamed king of Egypt, of the XIIth dynasty.  Ai, an Egyptian king, of the XIIIth or XIVth dynasty.  He was the successor of Rahotep.  Ai, the royal secretary of King Atefnuter Ai, of the XVIIIth dynasty.  He married a lady named Ti.  Ai, of Atefnuter Aui, a king of Egypt during the troublous times which followed the revolution and death of Amenhotep IV., of the XVIIIth dynasty, to whom he was fan-bearer and groom of the royal stud.  Being regarded as an heretic by his successors, his tomb was opened, and his name and inscriptions erased by order of one of the kings of the XIXth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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