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Origin of the name BAST.
Etymology of the name BAST.
Meaning of the baby name BAST.


BAST.  Egyptian name of a goddess of fertility, derived from a root meaning "impulse, motion."  She is also called Bastet.  See Bubastis and Sekhet.

    The most frequent qualifications of Bast at Bubastis are: the great goddess of Bubastis, the queen of the gods, the eye, or perhaps, the daughter of Ra, the mighty, the queen of the sky, and also, as we saw in several instances, the priestess herseshta of Tum, an obscure title which was never found before.  The name of Bast, as is pointed out by Brugsch, is derived from a root meaning impulse, motion, and which according to the cases may be to introduce or to bring out.  Brugsch connects the idea of motion with the fructifying and fertilizing action of heat, which would be Bast, while on the contrary, when, as is often the case in a climate like Egypt, the heat becomes a nuisance and an evil, it would be Sekhet.  Brugsch considers also Bast as a form of the moon, to which fertility is often attributed in the Egyptian mythology. (Bubastis, 1887-1889, Naville, 1891).


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