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Origin of the name BAAL.
Etymology of the name BAAL.
Meaning of the baby name BAAL.


BAAL (בַּעַל).  Greek Βάαλ.  A Semitic word, meaning "Lord," which was applied to a god as a term of adoration.  Baal was the chief god of Babylonians, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Chaldeans, Moabites, and of some of the surrounding nations.  It was common to compound Baal to names.  We hear of Baal-Berith, Baal-Peor, Baal-Gad (the god of fortune), Baal-zebub ("The Lord of Flies"), Baal-Khamman or Ammon (the sun as "Lord of Heat"), Bel-samen (Baal-shemaim, "The Lord of Heaven"), etc.  The plural is Baalim, and in the Old Testament is equivalent to "gods."  The contracted form is Bel.  In Assyria, Merodach, the patron deity of Babylon, was usually called Bel-Merodach, and was distinguished as "The Younger Bel" from "The Old Bel," Bellithon (Baal-éthan), the creator of the universe.  The latter was Bel, Belus, par-excellence, and answered to the Accadian Mul-ge or "Lord of the Underworld."  Bel-Merodach was a form of the Sun-god, and so was identical with the Phenician Baal (Bel-samen and Bel-Ammon).  Human sacrifices were offered to the Phenician Sun-god Baal, and he was represented by the khamman, an upright stake or pillar of stone (erroneously translated "image" in the Authorised Version).  At Tyre, Baal, there called Melkarth, or "King of the City," had two pillars, one of gold and one of smaragdus, or emerald, in front of his temple (comp. 1 Kings vii. 21).  The organised worship of the Phenician Baal was introduced into Israel by the marriage of Ahab with Jezebel.  The Canaanite Baal and Baalim woshipped before the time of Samuel were Sun-gods, but not the special state-gods of Phenicia.  With Baal were conjoined Ashtoreth (Assyrian, Istar), the Moon-goddess, and Ashera (wrongly rendered "grove" in the Authorised Version), the goddess of fertility, who was represented by an upright pillar.  Bel-Merodach, originally the Sun, came afterwards to be identified with the planets Jupiter and Mercury. (Notes: Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, on The Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Barnes, 1840)


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