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Origin of the name BALDR.
Etymology of the name BALDR.
Meaning of the baby name BALDR.


BALDR.  Old Norse legend name, meaning "bold warrior."  See the Teutonic form Paltar. (The Teutonic Name-System &c., Ferguson, 1864).

Baldr.  God of the summer-sunlight.  He was son of Odin and Frigg; slain by Hoder, at the instigation of Loke.  He returns after Ragnarok.  His dwelling is Breidablik. Balder. (Norse Mythology, Anderson, 1884)

Baldr is a prince in several Teutonic languages, and the royal family of the Visigoths were the Balten.  Balths, bald, bold, is also a word among them; but Grimm deduces the god's title from bjel, or baltas, the word that is the first syllable of the Slavonic Belisarius, and thus would make the Anglian Baldœg mean bright as day.  It is the word that lies at the root of bellus, pretty, whose derivations are now so universal in Romanized Europe.  Others turn the name over to the Bel, or Beli, of the Kelts, or the Eastern Belus; but on the whole, the derivation Baldr, a prince, is the least unsatisfactory.
     The legend seems to have been unknown to the German races, or, at least, no trace of it has been found, and the names that constantly occur beginning and ending with bald or pald, are supposed merely to mean prince, and not to refer to the god.  As an end it is more common than as a beginning, and it is peculiar to the Anglian races, our own Anglo-Saxons, the inhabitants of the Low Countries, and continental Saxons.  The names that have become universal all emanated from one or other of these sources. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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