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Origin of the name BRAGE.
Etymology of the name BRAGE.
Meaning of the baby name BRAGE.


BRAGE.  Scandinavian.  A form of Old Norse Bragi (q.v.), meaning "king" or "shining."  In mythology,  Brage is the god of poetry and eloquence.  He is the husband of Idunn. (Archaic England, Bayley, 1920)

    Brage, braa'ge [derivation uncertain, but cf. O. Eng. bregu, princeps]: in Scandinavian mythology a son of Odin.  He is the god of poetry and eloquence, and is one of the twelve chief gods in Asgard.  He is not only eminently skilled in poetry, but the art itself is from his name called Brage, which epithet is also used to denote a great poet.  He is represented as an old man with a long flowing beard, and persons with heavy beard are called after him beard-brage (skegg-bragi).  His wife, Idun, keeps in a box the apples which the gods, when they feel old age approaching, have only to taste of to become young again.  In this manner they preserve their youth until Ragnarok.  The giant Thjasse once captured Idun with her apples and carried her to Jotunheim.  This made the gods turn wrinkled and gray, but they compelled Loke to bring her back to Asgard.  (See Idun.)  Bragarædur, in the Younger Edda, gives a description of a banquet to Æger, the god of the sea, in Asgard, where Brage at the request of Æger tells how Idun was captured by Thjasse.  At feasts given after the death of a king or jarl it was customary among the old Scandinavians for the heir of the deceased to occupy a lower bench in front of the high-seat until Brage's bowl was brought in.  Then he arose, made a pledge, and drank the cup of Brage (bragafull).óBrage the Old is occasionally quoted in Old Norse literature as an ancient skald, but his existence is doubted.  It is fair to assume that the god Brage has been changed into an historical person, and that poetry of which the authorship was unknown was ascribed to him.  See Thorpe's Northern Mythology; Keyser's Religion of the Northmen; Anderson's Norse Mythology; and Bugge, Der Gott Bragi, in Paul and Braune's Beitrāge, xiii. 187 ff.  Brage is sometimes spelled Bragi (q.v.). (Johnson's Universal Cyclopaedia, Adams, vol. 1, 1893).


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