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Origin of the name CAMILLA.
Etymology of the name CAMILLA.
Meaning of the baby name CAMILLA.


CAMILLA.  Feminine form of Italian Camillo (q.v.), and Roman Camillus (q.v.), of Etruscan origin, meaning "freeborn servant of the Temple."  In Roman mythology, Camilla of the Volsci, was a daughter of King Metabus and Casmilla.  Usage: America, Cornwall, England, Great Britain, Italy, Scandinavia, Wales.
    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.  Camilla Belle, an American actress.  Camilla Henemark, a Swedish actress and singer. (Wiki)

    CAMILLA is supposed to be a name of Etruscan origin, and signifies "freeborn servant of the Temple."  The Camilli and Camillæ were the children of both sexes who attended on the priests and priestesses during the performance of their religious duties.  It was necessary that they should be the children of freeborn parents, and that both parents should still be living:  they were especially attached to the Flamen Dialis and his wife the Flaminica, and also to the Curiones.  The priests generally selected their own children for the office, so that they might teach them their duties and secure them succession to the priestly office.
    Camilla, the virgin Queen of the Volscians, whom Virgil celebrates in the Æneid, was a votaress of Diana and thus received the name.  She is said to have been so swift and light of foot that she could run over a field of corn without bending a single blade, and could even cross the ocean waves without wetting her feet.  Pope refers to her exploits in his Essay on Criticism, ll. 372-3, thus:—

Not so when swift Camilla scours the plain,
Flies o'er the unbending corn and skims along the main. (Pope.)

    Camilla goes
To meet her death amidst her fatal foes—
The nymph I loved of all my mortal train,
Invested with Diana's arms, in vain.
Nor is my kindness for the virgin new;
'Twas born with her; and with her years it grew.
Her father Metabus, when forced away
From old Privernum for tyrannic sway,
Snatch'd up, and saved from his prevailing foes,
This tender babe, companion of his woes.
Casmilla was her mother: but he drown'd
One hissing letter in a softer sound,
And call'd Camilla...—Æneid, Bk. XI. ll. 809-21 (Virgil.)

Last from the Volscians fair Camilla came,
And led her war-like troops, a warrior dame:
Unbred to spinning, in the loom unskill'd,
She chose the nobler Pallas of the field.
Mix'd with the first, the fierce virago fought,
Sustain'd the toils of arms, the danger sought,
Outstripp'd o'er the field, nor hurt the bearded grain:
She swept the seas, and as she skimm'd along,
Her flying feet unbathed on billows hung.
Men, boys, and women, stupid with surprise,
Where'er she passes, fix their wond'ring eyes:
. . . . . .
Her purple habit sits with such a grace
On her smooth shoulders, and so suits her face;
Her head with ringlets of her hair is crown'd;
And in a golden caul the curls are bound.
She shakes her myrtle jav'lin: and, behind,
Her Lycian quiver dances in the wind.—Æneid, Bk. VII. ll. 1094-1113.

... Camilla became popular in England during the classical period of her literature when all things classic were in favour, and it still survives amongst us though it is not common... In Italy the name has long been a favourite,...
    In Literature Camilla is the name of the wife of Anselmo of Florence in Don Quixote; a Camille occurs in Corneille's tragedy of Les Horaces;... and a Camilla in The Mistake by Congreve, whilst Drummond of Hawthornden has an epigram upon a Camilla; and, perhaps best known of all, Mme. D'Arblay has a novel entitled Camilla.  In Dryden, Pope, Thomson, and Drummond innumerable references will be found to Virgil's heroine.

Ye loveless bards! intent with artful pains
To form a sigh, or to contrive a tear!
Forego your Pindus, and on
Survey Camilla's charms, and grow sincere.
    —Elegy No. I. (William Shenstone.)

(Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905).


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