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Origin of the name CHLODECHILDA.
Etymology of the name CHLODECHILDA.
Meaning of the baby name CHLODECHILDA.


CHLODECHILDA.  Frankish form of Teutonic Hlodhild (q.v.), meaning "famous battle maid," or "famous amazon," from chlodo/hlod "famous" and child/hild "battle" or "amazon." (Chambers's Miscellany of Instructive & Entertaining Tracts, 1869).  Also spelled Chlodhilda.

...Chlodio's grandson married the Burgundian maiden, called by the Valkyr title of Hlodhild, or Chlodechilda, as the Latin civilization of her day called her, when it hailed her with delight as the converter of her husband to Christianity.  Although canonized, her name was not in great use for a good many generations, and to this she probably owes it that, when it was revived as belonging to a royal saint, for the benefit of the daughter of the good dauphin, son of Louis XV., it had not been shorn of its aspirate like all the cognate ones.  It has since become a favourite with French ladies. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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