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CAMBYSES.  Latin form of Persian Kambujiya (q.v.), a royal name appearing in the Greek form Kambyses in Herodotus and Greek writers generally.  The name is said to mean "the Kambujien" or "Crown Prince Kambuja."

... Bardiya, le Σμέρδις d'Hérodote, le Μέρδις d'Eschyle, ne vient point de bared barez; e'est très probablement un titre d'apanage, ou une indication d'origine, faisant la paire avec le nom de Cambyse; Cambyse, Kambujiya, signifie "le Kambujien" ou, si l'on veut "prince héritier de Kambuja" et Μέρδις Bardiya signifie le Bardien, c'est-à-dire le Marde;... (Études Iraniennes, Darmesteter, v.2, 1883.

    The persons known by the name of Cambyses belong to the Achaemenian line of Persian kings.  It is thought that the great-grandfather of Cyrus the Great was thus called.  The evidence, however, for the existence of this Cambyses, though strong, is constructive rather than direct (see Rawlinson's Herodotus, vol. iv. p. 259).  It is certain that the father of Cyrus was named Cambyses.  He is called by Herodotus (i. 107) "a Persian of good family," but by Xenophon (Cyrop., i. 11, 1) he is denominated "king of the Persians."  The justness of this title is proved by an inscription on a brick found at Senkereh, in which Cyrus calls himself "the son of Cambyses, the powerful king," as well as by the statement of Darius Hystaspis, in the Behistun inscription (col. i. 4), that eight of his Achaemenian ancestors had been kings... (Encyclopedia Brittanica, 9th ed., v.4, 1894)

    CAMBYSES.  The son of Cyrus, king of Persia.  He ascended the throne about B.C. 529, soon after which he successfully invaded Egypt, and established the first Persian dynasty.  At his first conquest he testified much respect for the religion and customs of the Egyptians, and caused himself to be initiated into the Isaic mysteries; but afterwards being unsuccessful in battle, and believing that the people hated him, he changed his demeanour towards them, and ridiculing their religion, and especially the worship of Apis, caused their temples to be rifled and the bull god himself slain.  There is no direct reference to this event in the Hieroglyphic texts, except a statement that under Cambyses, or Kambish as he was called, "a great calamity afflicted the entire country."  A few years after this occurrence the king died B.C. 521.  The name of Cambyses is found in the Assyrian texts also, but his more proper place is in the annals of Classic history. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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