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Origin of the name CAMILLUS.
Etymology of the name CAMILLUS.
Meaning of the baby name CAMILLUS.


CAMILLUS.  Roman name meaning "attendant (for a temple)," from native Etruscan Kamil (q.v.).  Swan renders the name "freeborn servant of the Temple."  See Camilla.

... In connection with princess Camilla in the eighth and eleventh books of the Aeneid, Servius refers to the Etruscan camillus as equivalent to Mercurius, for which reason Camilla was a well-chosen name for the attendant of Diana.  Quoting the line from Pacuvius' Medea, he adds, "the Romans termed noble young lads and maidens camilli and camillae, the attendants of the flamines and flaminicae."  Later, he makes a still more general statement:  "Camilla is so called as though an attendant (as has been explained above): for boys and girls in attendance at sacrifices were called camilli and camillae, whence also Mercury in the Etruscan language is called Camillus, as if an attendant of the gods." (The "camillus"-type in Sculpture, Spaulding, 1911)

... a Neapolitan of the sixteenth century has been canonised.  Born in 1550, he was left fatherless and motherless when only six years of age.  He entered the army when still a mere boy, and there contracted a great love of gambling and all games of hazard.  He at last, to pay his gambling debts, had to part even with necessities, so that when the army was disbanded in 1574 his circumstances were so reduced that he had to take to the occupation of a driver of asses, and to work as a bricklayer. 
    Working at the Capuchin Monastery, he fell under the influence of some of the friars, who induced him to reconsider his position and reflect upon the follies of his past life.  So earnestly did they exhort him, that he became converted; and, going to Rome, devoted himself to tending the sick in St. James's Hospital there.  He introduced so many improvements for the comfort and welfare of the sufferers and in the methods of nursing, that he was after a time appointed director of the Hospital, and from that time onwards his life was one continual effort to lessen the sufferings of mankind.  St. Camillus afterwards founded religious houses in many parts of Italy, including Bologna, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Mantua and elsewhere, and, though a great sufferer himself, went on with his good work until his death in 1614, in his sixty-sixth year. (Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905).


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