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Origin of the name CLARION.
Etymology of the name CLARION.
Meaning of the baby name CLARION.


CLARION.  Arthurian legend name of a rebel king of Northumberland.  From Latin Clarus (q.v.), meaning "bright, clear" or "famous."

    Clarion, the son and heir of Muscarol.  He was the fairest and most prosperous of all the race of flies.  Aragnol, the son of Arachne (the spider), entertained a deep and secret hatred of the young prince, and set himself to destroy him; so, weaving a most curious net, Clarion was soon caught, and Aragnol gave him his death-wound by piercing him under the left wing.Spenser: The Butterfly's Fate (1590). (The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, &c., Brewer, 1910)

    Ban and Bohort readily admitted the importance of both these objects, but alleged that they were themselves in hourly danger from the enterprises of their old enemy Claudas, who was then soliciting a powerful alliance against them; and that before they could reach Britany, collect their forces, and return to Rockingham, the eleven kings would probably be masters of London.  Merlin, however, was by no means discouraged by these difficulties.  He promised them, on the faith of a necromancer, that they should not suffer any damage from Claudas, and that the succours which he requested from them should be ready in due time.  He then conducted Sir Ulfin and a strong garrison to Rockingham castle, with instructions to guard every pass, and to prevent the passage of any spies from the enemies' forces; after which returning to London, and obtaining the rings of Ban and Bohort as symbols of the authority under which he acted, he passed in one night to Britany; assembled, with the assistance of Sir Leontes and Sir Farien the lieutenants of the two kings, an army of 40,000 men; left 15,000 for the defence of the country; deposited 25,000 at Rockingham; and, appearing very unexpectedly in the presence of Arthur and his two guests, advised that the royal army should immediately begin its march.
    The rebel kings, who had formed their camp in the forest of Rockingham, were ten in number: viz. Clarion king of Northumberland, Brangores king of Strangore, Cradelman of North Wales, and a certain king called Agrugines, whose dominions lay very far north, and who is usually distinguished by the title of "king of the hundred knights;" and the six who have been already enumerated.  Estas or Enslaf earl of Arundel had also joined their forces, and this formidable confederacy had assembled an army of 40,000 men. (Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, Ellis, v.1, 1805)


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