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Origin of the name CLAUDIUS.
Etymology of the name CLAUDIUS.
Meaning of the baby name CLAUDIUS.


CLAUDIUS.  Biblical & Historical.  [Latin from Claudus = "lame."  N. T. Greek Klaúdios].

    The fourth Roman emperor.  His full name was Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus.  He was the son of Drusus Nero, was nephew of the emperor Tiberius, and uncle of Caius or Caligula, his predecessor on the throne.  On the assassination of the last-named ruler, the soldiers of the prætorian guard, i.e. of the emperor's body-guard, who had no legal right to elect an emperor, did so in violation of the constitution, and chose Claudius against the will of the senate.  Instead of being punished for this gross offence they were handsomely rewarded by Claudius.  He ascended the throne in A.D. 41, reigned 13 years and 8 months, dying in his 64th year in A.D. 54.  He was feeble in character, and his timidity was constantly practised upon by stronger natures around.  The famine predicted by Agabus took place in the fourth year of Claudius's reign, A.D. 45 (Acts xi. 28; cf. Josephus, Antiq. XX. ii. 5; XX. v. 2).  In the ninth year of his reign, A.D. 50, he banished the Jews from Rome (Acts xviii. 2).  One of the favourites who ruled over Claudius was a freedman called Felix, the same who was sent as governor of Judæa, and was made by Paul to tremble (Acts xxiv. 25) [Felix].  Claudius's first wife, Messalina, was a shameless profligate.  She bore him a son called Britannicus.  When she was put to death, he next married his niece Agrippina, a woman who had already had two husbands.  By her first husband she had had a son, Nero (q.v.).  She was as worthless as her predecessor, and murdered Claudius that her son might reign, or rather that she herself might do so in his name. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894)


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