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Origin of the name CONCHOBAR.
Etymology of the name CONCHOBAR.
Meaning of the baby name CONCHOBAR.


CONCHOBAR.  Irish name meaning "high helper."  Also spelled Conchobhar, which see.

    Conchobar mac Nessa:  "High-Helper"; in point of form still current as Conor, O'Conor.  The Conor of the saga was son of the Druid Cathbad (Cathbath), who, on an expedition with thrice nine men, killed Nessa's twelve guardians.  Nessa is a woman's name in gen. case.  "Conchobar," says O'Flaherty (Ogygia, Part III. chap. xlviii.), "had over twenty-one sons, whose descendants are all extinct."  Through the stratagem of his mother he displaced Fergus-mac-Róig, the former king.  According to Borlase (p. 817n), Conchobar was 'the name of the eponymous of a tribe called Conchuburnenses in the Book of Armagh and Conchubairne by Mac Firbis."  The prefix con in this name, and also in Conall, is cognate with Gaulish cuno, Cymric cwn, "altitudo," and in words like con-car, con-guas; some would add such Germanic names as Hûno, Hûnwald.—US., p. 84.  The name has been etymologised "high-foaming," while Nessa has been connected with Loch Ness (Gaelic, Nis) from nedsa, netsa: Skr. nadi, "river"; Nessonis, a lake in Thessaly; Ger. netzen, "to wet."—Mackay's "Urquhart and Glenmoriston," p. 575.  This is unlikely, as the O. Ir. am-nas (§ 84 of FB) = "not-soft," -nas being cognate with German nass, "wet," &c., and with Greek νοτερός "wet, damp, moist." (Fled Bricrend: the Feast of Bricriu, Henderson, 1899).


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