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Origin of the name CORINEUS.
Etymology of the name CORINEUS.
Meaning of the baby name CORINEUS.


CORINEUS.  Latinized form of Celtic Coran (q.v.), or Cornish Corin (q.v.), probably meaning "horned." 

    Corineus.  Southey calls the word Cor'-ĭ-nuse; Spenser sometimes Co-rin'-nuse, and sometimes Co-rin'-e-us (4 syl.); Drayton calls the word Cor'-i-ne'-us.  Corineus was one of the suite of Brute.  He overthrew the giant Goëm'-agot, for which achievement he was rewarded with the whole western horn of England, hence called Corin'ea, and the inhabitants Corin'eans. (See Corin.)

    Corineus challenged the giant to wrestle with him.  At the beginning of the encounter, Corineus and the giant standing front to front held each other strongly in their arms, and panted aloud for breath; but Goë-magot presently grasping Corineus with all his might broke three of his ribs, two on his right side and one on his left.  At which Corineus, highly enraged, roused up his whole strength, and snatching up the giant, ran with him on his shoulders to the neighbouring shore, and getting on to the top of a high rock, hurled the monster into the sea... The place where he fell is called Lam Goëmagot or Goëmagot's Leap to this day.Geoffrey: British History, i. 16 (1142).

Corin'eus had that province utmost west
To him assigned.  Spenser: Faerie Queene, ii. 10 (1590).

(The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, &c., Brewer, 1899)


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