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Origin of the name CONNIE.
Etymology of the name CONNIE.
Meaning of the baby name CONNIE.


CONNIE.  Unisex.  A pet form of Constance and Constantine ("constant"), and Cornelia and Cornelius ("horn of the sun" i.e. "kingly, powerful").
    f.  Cornelia A. "Connie" Clark, an American lawyer.  Constance L. "Connie" Rice, an American civil rights activist and lawyer.
    m.  Cornelius McNamara, better known as Connie McNamara (d. 1957), was the Captain of "A" Company Active Service Unit of the Second Battalion Mid-Limerick Brigade in the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence.  Constantine "Connie" Shaklin, a fictional character in the 1951 novel, Round the Bend, by Australian author Nevil Shute. (Wiki)

    She really is Frau Liesmann!  We have made great friends, and call each other Thymian and Connie—Constance is her Christian name.  She has told me all about her life... (The Diary of A Lost One, Böhme, 1908).

... Up to the present writing we have had not trouble or do we expect any despite the efforts of Constantine Kopps and her poodles.  Constantine has a pet name which she likes very well and has advised our good women folks that she is called "Connie" for short.  "Connie" is a rather tall manish looking person far removed from the chicken age, possibly 40 more or less, who claims "Jersey" as her native town, the one would imagine that she came from Chicago judging from the size of her feet.  They say that Sherwin & Williams paints the world and it may be that they paint Connie also, for with all her Youthful Tint she would put a circus clown in disgrace. (The Paper Maker's Journal, v.17-18, 1917).


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