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Origin of the name DECHTERE.
Etymology of the name DECHTERE.
Meaning of the baby name DECHTERE.


DECHTERE.  Arthurian legend name of a goddess of dawn, meaning "day-goddess."

... The Welsh word ðyð, "day," which enters into the composition of Kulhwch's mother's name (Goleuðyð), is not to be found in that of Dechtere; but her name has a partial resemblance to the English word in its old form of dæg: the kindred German word tag still retains the guttural.  This brings one to a group of well-known words which incline me to consider the name Dechtere to belong to the same mythical category as that of Goleuðyð,... (Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion &c., Rhys, 1892)

    We find another story of the three years' pregnancy of the mother of the sun-god in one of the Irish accounts of the birth of Lug, who was, as we have seen, said in Welsh historical mythology to be the son of Arianrhod, the constellation Corona Borealis.  In this story the place of Arianrhod is taken by Dechtere or Daeg-ter, the day-goddess who was to give birth to the sun-god, and who was his guiding-star was charioteer to Conchobar, the year-king of Ireland, and was driven in his chariot like the sun-maiden of the Ashvins.  She went away every year for three years from Emain Conchobar's capital with fifty maidens, her attendant stars as flying-birds, and on the third year Conchobar and some of his nobles set out southward to seek her and her star-birds.  They came to a place where they were entertained by an old man and woman living in a cottage, Orion and the Pleiades mother Bricriu, the Ulster-genius of mischief, who with Conchobar went out from the cottage at night and saw a magnificent mansion which had been invisible by day, the palace of heaven lit up by stars.  He was met at its door by Dechtere, who sent a purple mantle, the clouds of sunset, to Conchobar, and came to his bed, the resting-place of the night sun, where she was delivered of Lug the young sun-god of day. (Primitive Traditional History, Hewitt, v.1, 1907)


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