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Origin of the name ELISSA.
Etymology of the name ELISSA.
Meaning of the baby name ELISSA.


ELISSA.  Phoenician.  "The exulting (or joyous) one."  A name that may be an older form of Hebrew Elisheba. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  According to Gesenius, it is more correctly spelled Elisa. (A Classical Dictionary, Anthon, 1881).  Usage: America, Australia, Canada, Finland, Italy, Lebanon.

Dido, also called Elissa, daughter of Belus, King of Tyre, and sister of Pygmalion; she married her uncle Sichaeus, who was murdered by Pygmalion for the sake of his wealth, whereupon she fled from Tyre and landed in Africa, where she founded Carthage (B.C. 853).  Virgil makes her a contemporary of Aeneas, with whom she falls in love on his arrival in Africa... (Concise Dictionary of Proper Names and Notable Matters &c., Toynbee, 1914)

Elissa, the daughter of Mathan, king of Tyre.  She was left by her father's will queen of Tyre, conjointly with her brother Pümeliun.  The people however, deposed her from her rights, and she then married Zicharbaal, the high-priest of Ashtaroth, who was assassinated by order of the king.  Elissa on this raised an insurrection, together with 300 of the principal nobility, but she was overpowered by the democratic or popular party, and voluntarily quitted Tyre, together with her adherents.  To do so she seized the shipping in the port, and conducted her friends to the North African shore, where she founded a city called Kiryath-Hadeschath, or "The New Town," taking herself the epithet of Dido, or "The Fugitive."  The name of her city became afterwards softened by the Greeks into Carachedon, and by the Romans into Carthage. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876). 


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