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Origin of the name EADHUN.
Etymology of the name EADHUN.
Meaning of the baby name EADHUN.


EADHUN.  Anglo-Saxon name meaning "happy Hun" or "happy bear cub," from Old English ead "happy, rich," and hún "bear-cub," or "a Hun" signifying "a giant."  See Ferguson's interesting note under Hunfrith.

... hún a bear-cub, in proper names, e.g. Hún-bald, Ælf-hún.  v. Txts. 635 for many examples.  [Icel. húnn a young bear.  The word occurs in local names.] (An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, Bosworth-Toller, 1908)

    ... the syllable hun is obscure.  It is not unfrequent in names of the eighth and ninth centuries.  There is Hunferð, Sax. Chron. 744.  In Codex Diplomaticus we find, Æðelhun, No. 235; Eadhun, 239; Ræðhuni, Hunred, 240.  We have also, in the tenth century, Aldhun, bishop of Lindisfarne—and the names Berhthun, Andhun, and Hun, brought together by Bouterwek in his elaborate Preface to the Four Northumbrian Gospels, p. cxxxvi.  He there suggests an etymology—"bedeutet hun centurio, wie das alts, hunno!" (Gloucester Fragments, Earle, 1861)

... The popular court of the Hundred, presided over by the magistrate, was composed in later times of the entire body of the freemen; if this was the case in the time of Tacitus, it would be very easy for him to confuse the name of the district, meaning a hundred, with the members of the court, and to suppose that these were a hundred in number.  In later times, hunno was the name of the assistants in the popular court.consilium simul et auctoritas: in apposition with comites.  The members of the court gave their judgment as to law and usage, and this had the force of a verdict. (The Life of Agricola, Tacitus, 1913)


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