Origin of the name EDIULF.
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EDIULF.  Gothic Teutonic.  Cognate with Old Norse Audúlfr (q.v.), meaning "rich wolf."  The Anglo-Saxon form is Eadwulf.

... Amongst the Amalungs occur many names compounded with vulf, which reminds us of their side-branch, the Wülfings; if it be not too bold, I would even connect Isarna (Goth. Eisarna) with Isangrim.  To me the four sons of Achiulf seem worthy of particular notice:  Ansila, Ediulf, Vuldulf, and Hermenrich.  Of the last we have just spoken, and Ansila means the divine; our present concern is with Ediulf and Vuldulf.  I find that Jornandes, cap. 54, ascribes to the Scyrians also two heroes Edica and Vulf; the Rugian Odoacer has a father Eticho and a brother Aonulf; and the legend on the origin of the Welfs has the proper names Isenbart, Irmentrud, Welf and Etico constantly recurring.  Now, welf is strictly catulus (huelf, whelp, ON. hvelpr), and distinct from wolf; natural history tells us of several strong courageous animals that are brought into the world blind; the Langobardic and Swabian genealogies play upon dogs and wolves being exposed; and as Odoacer, Otacher (a thing that has never till now been accounted for) is in some versions called Sipicho, ON. Bicki, and this means dog (bitch), I suspect a similar meaning in Edica, Eticho, Ediulf, Odacar, which probably affords a solution of the fable about the "blind Schwaben and Hessen":  their lineage goes back to the blind Welfs.  In the genealogy Ediulf is described as brother to Ermenrich, in later sagas Bicki is counsellor to Iörmunrekr; the Hildebrandslied has but too little to say of Otacher.  Then Vuldulf also (perhaps Vuldr-ulf) will signfiy a glorious beaming wolf (see Suppl.).—As Siegfried eclipsed all other Welisungs, so did Dieterich all the Amalungs; and where the epos sets them one against the other, each stands in his might, unconquered, unapproachable... (Teutonic Mythology, Grimm-Stallybrass, 1880).


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