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Origin of the name EILIFR.
Etymology of the name EILIFR.
Meaning of the baby name EILIFR.


EILÍFR.  Old Norse.  From the adjective ai-lifr, meaning "everlasting, ever-living."  Easily confused with Eileifr (q.v.)

    [Eg]laf dux.  The second and greater Danish fleet that followed that of Thorkell to England in 1009 was, according to Florence of Worcester, under the leadership of Hemingus and Eglafus.  Thorkell the Tall was the brother of Sigvaldi, the chief of the famous vikings or condottieri of Jömsborg, and the Jomsvikinga Saga and other Norse sources enable us to idenfity Hemingus with Jarl Hemingr, Thorkell's brother, and his companion with Eilifr, son of Thorgils Sprakaleggr1 (Steenstrup, iii. 259).  The equivalence of the OE. Eglaf and ON. Eilifr seems to admit of no doubt, since eg, æg, ege are used in OE. to represent the sound of ON. ei (Swegen = Sveinn, scægð = skeið, &c.), and lāf is the OE. form of the Germanic name-stem *laiƀoz, which occurs in ON. names, as leifr, lāfr, or lafr, accordingly as it bears chief, secondary, or no accent.2  According to Munch3, it was shortened in Denmark and Norway to lifr in this particular name, now usually written Ellev in Norway4.  In the form līfr we have apparently a different ablaut-grade, or it may have arisen from association with the adj. ei-līfr, "everlasting."  The name Eilīfr is a common one in the sagas, and seems to have entirely displaced the *Ei-leifr or *Ei-lāfr represented by the OE. Eg-laf.5  Thus there seems to be no reason to doubt the identity of Florence's Eglavus with the Eilīfr of the sagas.  He is probably the Eglaf of the present charter, since many of the Jomsvik chiefs remained in Cnut's service.6...
    4 It is also spelt Eiliv, Eilef, Elef, Ellef (Ivar Aasen, Norsk Navnebog, Christianis, 1878, p. 13).  See also O. Nielsen, Olddanske Personnavne, Copenhagen, 1883, p. 19.
(The Crawford Collection of Early Charters and Documents Now in the Bodleian, Napier-Stevenson, 1895)


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