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Origin of the name ELIDURE.
Etymology of the name ELIDURE.
Meaning of the baby name ELIDURE.


ELIDURE.  Arthurian.  A king of Britain, surnamed "the Pious."  Brother to Arthgallo.  Of Greek origin, meaning "sun's gift." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).

    After Belinus and Brennus there reigned several kings of little note, and then came Elidure.  Arthgallo, his brother, being king, gave great offence to his powerful nobles, who rose against him, deposed him, and advanced Elidure to the throne.  Arthgallo fled, and endeavored to find assistance in the neighboring kingdoms, but found none.  Elidure reigned prosperously and wisely.  After five years' possession of the kingdom, one day, when hunting, he met in the forest his brother Arthgallo, who had been deposed.  After long wandering he had returned to Britain with only ten followers, designing to repair to those who had formerly been his friends.  Elidure, at the sight of his brother in distress, forgetting all animosities, ran to him and embraced him:

    "The royal Elidure who leads the chase
Hath checked his foaming courser.  'Can it be?
Methinks that I should recognize that face,
Though much disguised by long adversity.'
He gazed rejoicing, and again he gazed,
    Confounded and amazed.
'It is the King, my brother!' and, by sound
Of his own voice, leaps upon the ground."óWordsworth.

He took Arthgallo home and concealed him in the palace.  After this he feigned himself sick, and, calling his nobles about him, induced them, partly by persuasion, partly by force, to consent to his abdicating the kingdom and reinstating his brother on the throne.  The agreement being ratified, Elidure took the crown from his own head and put it on his brother's head.  Arthgallo after this reigned ten years, well and wisely, exercising strict justice towards all men.
    He died, and left the kingdom to his sons, who reigned with various fortunes, but were not long-lived, and left no offspring, so that Elidure was again advanced to the throne, and finished the course of his life in just and virtuous actions, receiving the name of the pious, from the love and admiration of his subjects. (Age of Chivalry, Bulfinch, 1900)


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