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Origin of the name EZER.
Etymology of the name EZER.
Meaning of the baby name EZER.


EZER (אֵצֶר, עֶזֶר).  BiblicalÉtser, אֵצֶר, "treasury," "treasure."  Ezer, עֶזֶר, Greek Ἰαζὴρ, Ἐζέρ, "aid," "help."

Ezer means "envelop," "help," "unite," "treasure."  Metaphysically Ezer symbolized man's innate belief in a substance, a wisdom ("treasure"), an established oneness with All-Good (unity), and a power to aid and to protect ("envelop," "help") that comes from something higher, stronger, and more real and lasting than sense consciousness can give. (Mysteries of Genesis, Fillmore, 1944).

    EZER, אֵצֶר Étser, m. Ἀσάρ, Eser.
    "Treasury," "treasure" (thesaurus, Sim.) = אוׄצָר otsár, m. treasury, treasure, Jos. 6. 19, 24, from the root אצַר atsár, to lay up, to treasure up, to store up, Is. 39. 6; Ne. 13. 13; Am. 3. 10.
    A son of Seir, and one of the dukes of Edom.  Written also in Eng. Version, Ezar. (B.C. 1780.)  Occurs Ge. 36. 21, 27, 30; 1 Ch. 1. 38, 42.

    EZER, עֶזֶר Ezer, m. Ἰαζὴρ, and Ἐζέρ, Ezer.
    "Help," "aid," vid. Ahiezer.
    (1)  A son of Ephraim, whom the men of Gath slew.  It is here a segholite name. (B.C. 1680.)  Occurs 1 Ch. 7. 21.
    (2)  A son of Penuel, a Judahite. (B. C. 1400.)  In 1 Ch. 4. 17, it is written
עֶזְרָה Ezrah.  Occurs 1 Ch. 4. 4.
    (3)  A Gadite warrior, who joined David at Ziklag. (B.C. 1048.)  Occurs 1 Ch. 12. 9.
    (4)  A Levite, in the days of Nehemiah, son of Joshua. (B.C. 445.)  Occurs Ne. 3. 19.
    (5)  A priest in the time of Nehemiah. (B.C. 445.)  Occurs Ne. 12. 42. (The Proper Names of the Old Testament Scriptures Expounded and Illustrated, Jones, 1856).


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