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Origin of the name FAREED.
Etymology of the name FAREED.
Meaning of the baby name FAREED.


FAREED (فريد).  A variant form of Arabic Farid (q.v.), meaning "solitary" or "unique," from farad/farid/furud ("living alone"). (English-Arabic Dictionary, Steingass, 1882)

 ... On the road, they heard a donkey-driver asking for help, as his ass had fallen into a pit, whence he was not able to take him out without the help of others.  Fareed good-naturedly offered to help him, and while the owner took hold of the head of the ass, Fareed took hold of the tail, and the two began to pull, when suddenly the tail of the animal came off in the hands of Fareed.  The owner of the ass thereupon began to quarrel with him, and said, "Come with me to the Kázi.  You must pay me damages."  So the three now took their way to the Court of the Kázi.  
    But as the Kázi's Court was situated at some distance, and as it was already night-fall, they determined to put up in a mosque, for the night.  Fareed was locked up in the mosque, and the other two kept guard outside the gate.  When it was near dawn, Fareed got up, and going to the terrace on the hind part of the building, jumped down, and came plump on the head of a Fakeer who was sleeping at the foot of the walls.  The Fakeer was killed.  His son got up and laying hold of Fareed, charged him with the murder.  The noise brought the other two persons who were near the gate, and so the four now took their way to the Court of the Kázi.
    During the walk Fareed said to himself, "I wish the Court were soon reached; for I am afraid, the longer I am on the road the more will be the mishaps befalling me.  I had better move on with a quicker pace."  And with this determination he walked faster, followed by his prosecutors.  But on taking a turning at the end of a lane, he collided with a pregnant woman, who fell down with the shock, and miscarried.  The husband of the woman caught hold of him, and accused him of killing the child, and the five now took their way to the Court of the Kázi... (Wit and Humour of the Persians, Kuka, 1894)


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