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Origin of the name FRANC.
Etymology of the name FRANC.
Meaning of the baby name FRANC.


FRANC.  French name meaning "free man," probably from the High German title Frang, meaning "free lord."

    The nation called Cherusci by Tacitus denominated themselves Frangen (from Frang, the High German form of free lord) when they warred on northern Gaul, overspread it, and termed it for themselves Frankreich.  As their primary energy decayed their dominion divided; Frankenland, under the Latinism of Franconia, became leagued with the lands of the Swabians, Allemanni, and Saxons, and thus became part of Deutschland and of the Holy Roman Empire, while Frankreich was leavened by the Gallo-Romans, who worked up through their Frank lords, and made their clipped Latin, or Langue d'oui (the tongue of aye), the national language, and yet called themselves Les Français, and the country France.  And as the most enthusiastic and versatile of the European commonwealth, they so contrived to lead other nations, and impress their fashions on them, that the Eastern races regarded all Europeans as Franks, called their country Franghistan, and the patois spoken by them in the Levant became Lingua Franca.
    Franc, or Franco, was the archbishop of Rouen who made terms with Rollo; but the name of real fame arose otherwise. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)


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