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Origin of the name GAIA.
Etymology of the name GAIA.
Meaning of the baby name GAIA.


GAIA (Γαα).  Greek name meaning "Earth."  In mythology, the wife of Ouranos ("Heaven").  Also spelled Gæa.

    According to the Orphic story, uncreated Nyx ("Night") existed first, and was regarded as a great black-winged bird hovering over a vast darkness "without form and void."  Though unmated, she laid an egg whence golden-winged Eros ("Love") flew forth, while from the two parts of the shell Ouranos and Gaia ("Heaven" and "Earth") were created.  They became the first pair of parents and brought into the world Okeanos ("Ocean") and Tethys ("Nurse").  These in their turn became a parental pair, begetting Kronos, Rhea, Phorkys, and the other Titans; and, similarly, Kronos and Rhea were united and begat Zeus and Hera... (The Mythology of all Races: Greek and Roman, v.1, 1916).


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