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Origin of the name GWENDOLOENA.
Etymology of the name GWENDOLOENA.
Meaning of the baby name GWENDOLOENA.


GWENDOLOENA.  Arthurian.  The wife of Merlin.  A Latinized form of Welsh Gwendolen (q.v.), meaning "white browed."

    Moreouer, after the death of Brute his father, Locryne Maryed with Gwendoloena the daughter of Coryn, Nephew vnto the aforesayde Brute.  And it so came to passe that after the aforesayde victory had against the king of the Hunes, or of Scithya, as aforesayd, that Locryne fell in great phancy and loue with a faire Damosell named Estrild, who was also the daughter of the aforesayde Humber, as the sayde Aucthor wryteth, and Locryne kept her vnlawfully a certeyne tyme.  Wherewith his wife Gwendoloena beyng sore discontent, excited her father and her friendes to make warre vpon the sayde Locryne her husbande, in the which warre Locryne was slaine, when he had reigned after the agreement of most wryters. xx. yeres, and was buried by his father in Troynouant leauing after him a yong sonne named Madan. Fabian...
Gwendoloena, or Gwendolyne the wife of Locryne as before is expresed, which was the daughter of Corineus Duke of Cornewall, did after the death of her Husbande, because her sonne was to yong, take vpon her the gouernement of Briteyn, and was by the common assent of all the Britons, made Ruler thereof.  And hauing full possession of the same, she well and discretely ruled it to the quiet and contentation of her subjectes, and so she continued vntill such tyme as Madian her sonne came vnto his lawfull age.  At which tyme she gaue ouer the rule and dominion vnto him, after she had ruled this Islande, xv. yeres. (Grafton's Chronicle, or History of England, 1809)


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