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Origin of the name GYNETH.
Etymology of the name GYNETH.
Meaning of the baby name GYNETH.


GYNETH.  The same as Welsh Gwynaeth (q.v.), a feminine form of Gwynedd ("bliss, happiness"), the name of a medieval Kingdom, adopted as a masculine name.  Also spelled Gweneth, Gwenneth, Gwenyth, and Gwyneth.

    Gyneth, natural daughter of Guendolen and king Arthur.  The king promised to give her in marriage to the bravest knight in a tournament in which the warder was given to her to drop when she pleased.  The haughty beauty saw twenty knights fall, among whom was Vanoc, son of Merlin.  Immediately Vanoc fell, Merlin rose, put an end to the jousts, and caused Gyneth to fall into a trance, from which she was never to wake till her hand was claimed in marriage by some knight as brave as those who had fallen in the tournament.  After the lapse of 500 years, De Vaux undertook to break the spell, and had to overcome four temptations, viz. fear, avarice, pleasure, and ambition.  Having succeeded in these encounters, Gyneth awoke and became his bride.Sir W. Scott: Bridal of Triermain (1813). (The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References, Plots and Stories, Brewer, 1889)


"The morning breaks o'er field and fell,
O'er mede, and glebe, and lea;
Rise up, my Lady Gyneth, rise!
To-day he weds with thee."
And now old Ursula, the nurse,
Begins to deck the bride;
In purest Samite bridal robe,
Fair stands she in her pride.
The bride, although so young and fair,
Full many a trouble knew:
Her suitors she could count by scores--
True lovers were but few.
IV. Four years it was, and only four,
Since brave Sir Raoul went
Across the wave to Palestine,
For bloody battle bent.
Sir Raoul, he, of all the knights
Who knelt at Gyneth's feet,
Was bravest: in his generous veins
The regal blood did beat...
(Autumn Leaves,  Jarvis, 1865)


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