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Origin of the name GERVAAS.
Etymology of the name GERVAAS.
Meaning of the baby name GERVAAS.


GERVAAS.  Dutch form of Latin Gervasius (q.v.), from Norman French Gervais (q.v.), meaning "war courageous." (Nederlandsch-Fransch Woordenboek, Heremans, 1869)

... Will the various and complex desire of humanity be satisfied by a new heaven and a new earth lighted only by the love of God?  Is the fair vision to which the race has strained so long to be replaced by something fairer?
    We have come on a book, published some time ago in Dublin, which suggests these questions.  As will appear even from our bald summary, it is the work of a thinker, and marked by a certain sombre power, though it has attracted little attention.  The hero, Dr. Gervaas Van Varken, the worthy son of a morose and miserly couple living on the Boompjes at Rotterdam, grows up filled with loathing and abhorrence of the whole human race.  He meets an ancient Parsee merchant in Bombay, who introduces him to the regular "transference" agency in Tibet.  He is there instructed in the disintegration and reintegration of the ultimate molecules of his body, and finds himself in due time lying on what felt like soft grass on the steep side of a mountain in the planet Hesperos.  The inhabitants, he discovered, were in appearance like himself, but the conditions of their life were wholly different.  There were men and women, but no children.  Each individual lived a periodical life of one hundred years, divided into three stages—stationary, senescent, juvenescent.  When the term was reached a change began, and the life proceeded for another hundred years in the reverse direction, and so on indefinitely.  Such things as disease, decay, or death were unknown.  But the people were not immortal, or at least did not seem to be such.  When a man fell over a precipice or was struck by a heavy blow he simply disappeared.  Evanescence was their name for death... (The Key of the Grave, Nicoll, 1898)


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