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Origin of the name GIRARD.
Etymology of the name GIRARD.
Meaning of the baby name GIRARD.


GIRARD.  The same as Gerard, from Old German Gerhard, meaning "firm spear." (The Teutonic Name-System, &c., Ferguson, 1864). 

    "You shall be soon avenged," said he.  And they rode on in haste to overtake Fulk, and were soon a league from the abbey.
    After they were gone, came Sir Girard de Malfée and his companions, well mounted on costly horses, for they had come from abroad.  And Sir Girard looked on him and said mockingly, "Here is a fine fat monk, big enough to hold two gallons!"  Now Fulk's brothers were watching inside the gate.  And Fulk, without a word, raised his stick and struck Sir Girard behind the ear and he fell to the ground stunned.  And Fulk's brothers, rushing out of the gate, took all the knights prisoners, and bound them in the porter's lodge, and took their armour and their horses, and never ceased riding till they came to Huggeford.  And there they stayed till John was healed of his wound... (Belt and Spur, Stories of the Knights of the Middle Ages, from the Old Chronicles, Seeley, 1883)


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