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HELEN.  From Greek Helene (Ἑλένη), signifying "light." (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Some render the name "a lamp," or "a torch."  Still others have derived it from ελειν, infin. of αιρεω, "to take away." (Prænomina, Charnock, 1882).  Usage:  America, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Helen, in myth the wife of Menelaos and Paris, has been considered by a number of scholars as originally a divinity of light, being identified now with the moon, now with the red of dawn, and now with the phenomenon of a single orb of St. Elmo's fire.  This last was held to be fraught with evil, while the appearance of the twin globes, represented by Helen's brothers, the Dioskouroi, was regarded as favourable.  Some scholars believe that the Dioskouroi were at first daemons of the morning and evening twilight. (Greek and Roman Mythology, Fox, 1916)


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